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2008-08-23 21:03:18
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Poppy (:

Poppy has now passed away, but i thought i'd still enter her in this competition because i think she is so cute, and she did enjoy having her picture taken! She was 5 years old when she died of a brain problem. Before we bought her, she was called Popcorn and had many sisters. My friend looked after one of her sisters, Crumble. :D Poppy was so hyper and could even do the konga, now thats impressive :D One of her pictures won first place in a village pet competition last year ^_^

screw touching your nose with your tongue,
i can touch my cheek with my tongue >:D


relaxing with her santa ball in summer ^_^

taking a break from jumping on the trampoline ^_^

a day of bouncing on the trampoline tired poppy out :D


looking slightly confused

crumble and poppy ^_^

i'm not evil..

check out my new contact lenses :D


Poppy doing her yoga positions

awwh :D


Poppy being lazy..

Poppy looks pretty eager to get away from my little sister..




happy Poppy ^_^


innocent? naa



trying to get to sleep


gaaah the flash is blinding >.<


aww :D

/ [treact]

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2008-08-07 [Blondiie x]: Yay Poppy!!!

2008-09-14 [TOBYCROOKS]: Aaaaaawwww =D
Sooooooo adorable =']

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