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2009-05-31 17:21:31
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Photography as an art


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2009-04-22 [M a k a y ツ]: one word :

2009-04-23 [Frankis]: [#]

2009-05-03 [Blood Wolf]: You have some beautiful pictures. I like the angles you take.

2009-05-03 [.HannaH.]: Wow ! :)

2009-05-05 [thundrhawk90]: thank you and hopefully i will have more up soon

2009-05-12 [jesyka. awesomeness.]: awwww these are AMAZING ^_^ you've got some talent

2009-05-12 [evil flying zombie]: you hear that waldroop, you have some talent. lol
(dont worry [jesyka. awesomeness.] im not makin fun of you)

anyway, i have those movies. we need to hang out sometime before i leave. jeff said he wants to have a movie marathon when i give him his. lol

2009-05-13 [thundrhawk90]: yeah mabe i can see if we can watch them over here on the big tv.?

2009-05-13 [evil flying zombie]: hey, for some reason my comp isnt recognizing my dvd burner so i cant burn star trek.. im tryin to fix it but idk what to do :/

2009-05-13 [evil flying zombie]: okey dokey, here's what ima do..
put the movie on my phone
bring some dvds to you house when i go out there
have ed pull the movie off my phone and burn it onto the dvds
tada :D

..hopefully it works :P

2009-05-13 [thundrhawk90]: lol yeah sounds like it would work

2009-05-13 [evil flying zombie]: god this is retarded.. it wouldn't let me drop the movie in my phone, even tho i have like 7.4 gigs free, so i have to re-convert it to the SAME format only have the destination set to go into my phone. its gonna take like 2 hours :/
oh well.. at least im gettin it on my phone. lol

2009-05-14 [thundrhawk90]: ohh yeah so you can watch it where ever

2009-05-14 [evil flying zombie]: no. im putting it on my phone in a .vob format that way ed can just pull it off and burn it without converting it. in order to play it on my phone it has to be a 3GPP2 format.

2009-05-14 [thundrhawk90]: ohh i see will it be good quality?

2009-05-14 [evil flying zombie]: yeah, id say v/8.5 a/9

2009-05-14 [thundrhawk90]: i dont know what that means but ok

2009-05-14 [evil flying zombie]: im rating the video/8.5 out of 10 and the audio/9 out of 10 lol

2009-05-14 [thundrhawk90]: ok thats pretty good

2009-05-23 [evil flying zombie]: [#]

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