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This wiki-page is indexed under Creative-Endeavors_By-Artsieladie.


Welcome to my main Pegasus wiki-page on Elfpack!

Indexed under this wiki-page is some of my poetry, art, graphics, and writing about Pegasus in Mythology, found
through reference sources, listed in the Table Of Contents below, ALL of which are copyrighted to yours truly,
[Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly. I was awarded the Best Contributor Award for my extensive
contribution to/for the Pegasus Project on, the first creature featured on the Elftown Creature
Marathon project on the site.

For a long time I was the only one who believed in, supported, and kept the project going, a favourite project of the
site owner, [Hedda]'s, who complimented me on with a rose for keeping it going. Within fifteen minutes, a former
vice mayor ended our relations on the site. It wasn't until mid to late spring, 2011, that I was provided proof the
same vice mayor was trying to get rid of me from Elftown, since at least the beginning of 2007. She hated the fact
the site owner had developed, I guess one could say, a soft spot for me, which I had no idea of until much later did
I begin to suspect this and somewhere around the middle part of 2008.

Hence, the majority of my Pegasus material, including my graphics Pegasus related, is on, where I
originally uploaded them to as part of the Pegasus Project (2006-2007), a sub-project of the Elftown Creature
Marathon. Since I invested a great amount of time in the Elftown Creature Marathon and with the Pegasus Project,
I think bringing what I did on Elftown here a good idea, since I am here on Elfpack.

Investing time and effort in the Pegasus Project was an enjoyable venture for me, in part because I love horses. All
the wiki-pages I put together on Elftown related to Pegasus, however, are now looking messy. [Hedda] must have
changed how something works with the pseudo_HTML because they weren't a mess when I was active on the site.
Since I can't now fix them, a mess they shall remain.

I have discovered though that my graphics of Pegasus with transparent backgrounds are being used by others and
uploaded to and offered from other websites' collections as if they are from and belong to those other websites but
they have not gotten my permission to do so. Therefore, regardless where else they are appearing on the Internet,
the copyright is still mine. If they've been uploaded to any website besides Elftown and if they are being offered in
any capacity from any website/blog that's not mine or not through an account of mine I have on a website, then the
websites doing so are illegally offering STOLEN images! STOLEN FROM ME!

Since people are stealing my work that's on, ignoring and violating my copyright rights, before I go any
further with my Pegasus works here on Elfpack...


<img:> - Any and all images I post on this site are NOT for non-members to use for ANY reason, unless I have
given MY permission 'per use', 'per person' to use and ONLY as has been stipulated and agreed upon between
the user and myself, Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly, aka [Faith.Hope.Love].
<img:> - All graphics I submit to Elfpack, designated for Elfpack member use, means exactly this, "For Elfpack
members to use on Elfpack ONLY

<img:> - If you like a graphic I've created (most of which have transparent backgrounds) and you would like
to use it
, contact me through my "Contact Me" page on any one of my blogspot blogs:
     <img:> -
     <img:> -
     <img:> -
     <img:> -

<img:> - When emailing me, plain text only. NO hyper-links; NO attachments. Non-compliance will surely get
your email dismissed and deleted.
<img:> - For other places to find me online, look below under "Artsieladie Online" and click on "Show content".
<img:> - Forewarning: I do NOT deal with dishonest, disrespectful, and greedy people.
<img:> - This information nullifies any and all excuses for stealing my work. So, ALL art thieves out there, you
WILL be reported and "BLACKLISTED"
, across the 'Net made viral, including and especially through Social Media.
If you don't like this action, I suggest then, don't steal my work or others'; don't steal anything not belonging to you!

Please see also:



Table Of Contents:

Note: Since my Pegasus graphics were originally created to be used on Elftown ONLY, many have "Elftown" on them.
<img:> - Black-Pegasus_By-Artsieladie - Black Pegasus graphics
<img:> - Black-n-Gold-Pegasus_By-Artsieladie - Black-n-Gold Pegasus graphics
<img:> - Great-Winged-One_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus - in mythology
<img:> - Medusa-Mother-Of-Pegasus_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus art
<img:> - Pegasus-Art_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus art
<img:> - Pegasus-Banners-n-Ribbons_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus banners/ribbons
<img:> - Pegasus-Medallions_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus medallions
<img:> - Pegasus-Poetry_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus poetry
<img:> - Pegasus-Shields-n-Swords_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus shields and swords
<img:> - Pegasus-Swords-n-Ribbons_By-Artsieladie - Pegasus swords and ribbons
<img:> - Silver-Pegasus_By-Artsieladie - Silver Pegasus graphics
<img:> - Silver-n-Gold-Pegasus_By-Artsieladie - Silver-n-Gold Pegasus graphics
<img:> - The-Horse-Secret-Book-Cover_By-Artsieladie - Silver-n-Gold Pegasus book cover



Graphics/art created by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly, aka [Faith.Hope.Love].
© All rights reserved. About the usage/sharing of my creative works, please read:



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(: Have an awesome day! :)

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