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2009-09-21 [DeeJay™]: pfft, no you're not.. xD

2009-09-21 [R.]: Haha I know.
I'm indecisive as fuckk

2009-09-22 [KillChasityDead]: I'm not sexist at all.
If a guy is like that I wont even bother talking to him because I already know up front that I'm going to be wasting my time.
I only date guys who are intelligent and have a great sense of humor.
Not guys who care more about their car than a girlfriend and who aren't faithful to their relationship.
So yeah, I'm not sexist.
I will say this though.
Girls are backstabbers and I have very few friends who are girls.
Boys are easier for me to get along with.

2009-09-22 [R.]: Fuckk yeah I know how that is.
I have one girl friend.
My "best friend" totally fucked me over recently.
That's never happened with a boy.
So forget that.
Girls can be more fun,
but boys can be more real.

2009-09-22 [KillChasityDead]: Well, I always had the problem of my "best friends" stealing guys away from me that I liked when they totally found out I liked them.
It happened to me countless times.
With guys you don't have to worry about that.
Unless, they're gay.
But even then it hardly happens.

2009-09-22 [R.]: Haha I know.
There was this guy at school I hated.
Because he hurt me really really bad and my "best friends" knew about it.
She decided this year to be his best friend.
Fuck her.
I'd rather be friends with a gay guy than a girl almost any day.
A few though, are def worth it.

2009-09-22 [KillChasityDead]: Yeah.
I dunno.
Some of the gay guys I used to be friends with were horrible though.
They were worse than girls.
They shit talked EVERYONE.
I'm not gonna lie.
I always got a good laugh out of it.
But, it got old really fast.
And that's just not the type of person I am.

2009-09-22 [DeeJay™]: mm, you could argue that he hurt you, and not her. so, why should your relationship with him affect hers? just playing devil's advocate..
as for the guys>girls thing.. lol, guys wouldnt think twice about stealing your partner. they'd just stab you in your front, rather than in the back... they're alot more straightforwards about stuff ^-^

2009-09-22 [R.]: Because she knew how badly he hurt me.
Friends are supposed to be there for each other.
Not run straight to the person that caused their friend to have a total breakdown.

2009-09-22 [DeeJay™]: *nods* i can understand that. and i intend to press you further via PM sometime :p  but, although she was your friend, and it is very shady of her, your experience with him shouldnt stop her wanting to be his friend, if she so desires. yeah, she should have probably shown more support, but..

2009-12-03 [kyraawr]: you're gorgeous, dear (:

2009-12-08 [KillChasityDead]: Awh.
Thank you.
You are too!

2009-12-08 [kyraawr]: ^-^

2009-12-15 [KillChasityDead]: <3

2010-01-31 [Jessica E..]: I luff your hair in some of these pics! :)

2010-01-31 [KillChasityDead]: Lol.
These pictures are older than Jesus. D:

2010-01-31 [Jessica E..]: ohh... haha. well i still luff it. i love your default picturess too.

2010-01-31 [KillChasityDead]: Thanks.
My default pictures are the most recent. :)
Some of these pictures are at least 5 years old.

2010-01-31 [Jessica E..]: Oh. lol. Yeah your deafult ones i really like. Your hair looks really cool in them.

2010-01-31 [KillChasityDead]: Thank you.
:) I'm going to school for cosmetology.
So, I have to keep up with the trends.

2010-01-31 [Jessica E..]: Ha. thats what im doing too. XD

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