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2009-06-24 20:53:24
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[Mr. Disheveled's Poetry]

I hope you enjoy~! :]

What Matters

oh to be lost
searching for the answers
but neglecting the cost
realize the mistakes
and feelings still crossed

oh to be found
the reunion smells sweet
but abandonment is bound
you still ask the questions
but the voices still resound

oh to feel love
fixed on the one thing
the one thing that matters
where your mind is so lost
but the heart has been found
and you know the cost
your heart sings so sound
your feelings prevail

and it is beautiful

oh to be complete



in every word i fight to say
and every note i send your way
dont let me fool you

in every song and every dance
everytime i take a chance
dont let me fool you

a monster hides in every man
and mine has come to make a stand
so when i push to hold your hand
dont let me fool you

oh god please
dont let me fool you


Dont Die Alone

Wake up.
to compensate
for another broken dream
build it up
just to tear it down
self destruct and tear the seam
look for change
discover nothing
its just another burden you cant take
fall to standards
no room for failure
fit the posture or prepare to die alone

does it need to be this way?

the darkness falls but you know its not too late

are you sure this is the end?

the light wont blind and its all yours to take

is this how you want to be?

you know you can live for more

is it time for change?

what are you waiting for?


One Million

there are a million things i have to say
but not one wants to leave my tongue
because in cases like this "im sorry"
isnt powerful enough for my only one
i know i let you down
maybe im just like the rest
maybe i have the shell of the man you want
but that doesnt peirce my chest

there are a million things i have to say
but not one wants to leave my tongue
my attention went to the ones
the ones who are worthless in my heart
i know now that all this was supposed to go
to the one i love now and loved from the start

There are a million things i have to say
but not one wants to leave my tongue
and when they are released upon your ears
i hope forgiveness finds me here
but if i get what i deserve
my love remains and will be screamed for you to hear

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2009-06-29 [jesyka. awesomeness.]: well i must say you are quite talented at this poetry thing mister =DDD

2009-07-07 [RoZaY]: haha love them,gosh I miss you oh so much..text me:]

2009-07-13 [♫ Jeni-Bugggg ♫]: oo how your peotry makes meh happy =]
tehehehe u have good wordss my friend.

2009-08-11 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: awesome poetry. ^__^

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