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(In a small cottage in the country, around midnight, 10/10/1994)

"Push Mrs.Sanders! Push!" said the fifteen year old girl maid. "ARGH!" yelled Mrs.Sanders as she gave one final push with all her remaining strength. (Baby's screech and wail) "Mad'em! Ye had twins! A lovely boy and girl!" said the young maid. (Silence from Mrs.Sanders). "Mad'em?" the young maid's blood would run cold as she would check on Mrs.Sanders fearing the worst. "M-mad'em?" she leans closer to Mrs.Sanders then hears light snores emmiting from her. "Oh Mrs.Sanders! I thought the worst had happened to ye!" sighed the girl in relief. "Rest for now Mad'em and don't ye worry." she said as she quietly cleaned the infants and put them in a wodden crib. "Them little un's will be magnifacent when they grow just ye wait." the maid smiled softly as she silently slipped through the door and closed it ever so softly.


(17 years later, on the back porch step of the small cottage, early in the morning.)

"Liza! Ryan! You scheming trouble makers! I'll have ye hides for scaring me ta death!" exclaimed the maid."It was an accedent nursey!" pouted Liza. "No it wasn't" smiled Ryan with a goofy grin as he dodged a flying shoe. "Ye be in big trouble master Ryan when ye mam comes home!" roared their maid named Tifa Jewls. "Why are ye children fighting with ye nurse"said their mother as she came walking in. "Mad'em! Forgive me please, di ney balme ye bairons" said Tifa as she would nervously scurry around the kitchen cleaning anything and everything. "Nay Tifa. Ye can't always take the blame for my bairons, they must learn to act their age. They be eighteen this upcoming fall." said Mad'em Sanders sternly. "Ye be right me lady." said Tifa as she would exit the kitchen. Turning back to her bairons Mrs. Sanders would point to the stairs. "Into ye room now children." Mad'em would say seriously. "Yes mam." the twins would say sadly and walk hand in hand hurriedly up to their big master's bedroom. "Brother why can't we tell mam our secret?" Liza would pout. "Liza mam will seperate ye and I if the be what ye wish!" Ryan would exclaim harshly as he would pull her into his arms. "Oh Ry! I never want to be away from ye for even a moment!" Liza would say crying. "There Liza don't ye fret now, we will always keep this a secret for our selves." Ryan would say as he would gentley lift her delecate chin and lower his lips to her awaiting ones.

That's all I shall write for now! ^.^ ask me if you want me to continue and if it's good!                 

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