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2007-08-04 04:40:42
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Kalahs Boyssss

yeah chris!
Hahaha jake.
Love him. Great friend
Trust him with my life. Besties for ever.
These boyss. You dont even know.
My life.
shooottt himmm hes a retard! I trust this kid with my life. To the end of the world and back.
These are my boyssss
Hurt them and Ill kill youuu
Bryan got a hair cuttt
yeah you tell em..fuck off!
Same pic lol
same again!
Tis love and more

/ [Snickerdoodle]

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2007-08-03 [allxson]: damn you hang with some hotties
lucky (:

2007-08-03 [Snickerdoodle]: These are the people I get up in the morning for! I love em to death. No joke.

2007-08-03 [Snickerdoodle]: haha hott? yucky lol cant think that way about my boys. They all say HEY!

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