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Image 100058

me in am fave top mt colorado avalanch 1
<img:>these are ma m8s theres mike i n the black t-shirt ed is next 2 him then its tank in the pink he is awsome[Tanky_Boy]then chris in the white t-shirt with the card then josh behind him next 2 tank then liam in the old mans jumper lol o and the lad wit the wierd face i dnt hang with im but i no him thts jo and i dunno the girls buta ll in all theese lot rule and so do meny outher of ma frinds and they no it
<img:>this is tomo[tomo♥sarahxx] he is the best keeper ever yes j u rule and am m8 scot he is a wicked player i gunan win tht £5 scott lol they both rule
<img:>me being a fool

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