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2008-01-24 03:16:04
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Me, hooping

I'm sure everyone has heard of Hula Hooping. Most people think it is just a toy children play with. Well, think again. Hooping is fun, entertaining, sexy, and is great excercise!

Hooping is easy to learn and there are a lot of great tricks. I'm sure most of us adults have tried to use a child's hoop at one point in time. You know, the ones at WalMart. Doesn't work very well does it? Hoops should be a proper size for an adult. Usually standing between the belly button and the shoulders. Something too small would take a lot of effort to keep going. You can make your own hoop by buying flex-silicone PVC pipe at your local Lowes or Home Depot. In the same area you can find connectors. Just cut what size you want to fit you best, heat up one end at a time with a hairdryer, and once the end is pretty warm and flexible, attempt putting the connector into that side. Then do the same with the other end of the pipe, until you have a hoop! Some people like to add weight to their hoops with water or add sound with rice. Then you can decorate your hoop using colourful electrical tape or sparkle tape!

Once you get confident you can buy LED hoops which are amazing in the dark!

Once you get VERY confident, you can hoop with fire ^_^

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2007-03-05 [Andy8178]: If the hoop weren't there.. You'd look like a zombie that's coming after the camera man >_>

2007-03-05 [FireGypsy]: Haha so true! Zombies are effing awesome! I made my hoop today ^_^ I have enough material to me like, 8 haha! I have been practicing too! I am getting better and better at all the tricks. I still cant hoop below my waist though O_o I plan on making a firehoop sometime this week too.

2007-10-12 [FireGypsy]: I should have a hooping video up soon!

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