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2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: some guys think just because a girl takes a picture with them they could paste it everywhere saying that they are king of hoes, that guys is butt ass stin face ugly

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: i mean look at you you are a modle compared to that guy, that guys wouldnt even be dirt, he would be the stuff dirt lays on

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: ¿Qué? Who are you talking about?

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: that person atop the wiki coments holding the cat girl

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: haha John? I put the picture up here haha and facebook he's not a bragging type!

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: oh you would be surprised

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: Why?

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: my friend danni did that to mer

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: Oh I see

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: why do you guys like hold your beers up when you take pictures, is it cool?

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: I'm not holding it up in any of these. I'm just holding it and somebody said their going to take a picture. I don't set down alcohol.

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: becaue you think its cool to hold it while taking a picture? what about the thing girls do with their lips when they take a picture?

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: No because I love my alcohol and I almost never set it down, and I am most certainly not going to set it down just to pick it up 2 seconds later! what thing with our lips?

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: that fish face thing, you know ehen they try to make their lips look bigger, its really looks ugly, and rediculous, whats with that why do girls do that?

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: Uhm I don't know?

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: you know the kissy lookin face thing

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: I don't know why.

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: yeah its gross spred he word to your lady friends and tell them its not beautful,just be natural

2009-08-24 [ChantalSanchez]: I'll get right on that

2009-08-24 [Sound Junky]: sure you will

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