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Halloween Costume Contest 2007

In association with Elfpack's Halloween Festival



Second place:


Third place


Poll was in <poll:13553>!



What's this contest about? The clue is in the name... Hallowe'en costumes! ;) We're talking scary make-up, attention to detail and creative use of papier-mâché! Make yourself (or a victi-... er, volunteer) look festive and take a picture to send to us.

Limit: Two entries in total, different outfits. Two photographs of the same outfit may be used, but only one will go to the voting.
Remember, you must have been involved with making or putting together the outfit to enter it here :)</center>

<center>Deadline: 3rd November. That's really soon, so hurry up! ;O



These things again... but there has been a significant change, so please read them ;)

1. Entries must be the submitter's original work and idea.
No copying, tracing, or entering things that you didn't make yourself! No assembled images, such as dolls or computer game characters are allowed, unless you created the art for them. Collaborations are allowed only with express permission of all parties involved.
Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be reported to the guards and/or added to the Art Contest Blacklist.

2. All members must be respectful to everyone else and their work.
If anyone is causing trouble on the wiki, they may be banned from ALL contests and have their comments deleted in the future.

3. All entries must be on the theme.
No random images! If it's not obvious that your entry fits the theme, please explain why. The judges have the final decision in what is allowed.

4. Entries should be uploaded to Elfpack.
See Uploading Images for more info. Entries not uploaded to Elfpack will be removed before the contest ends.

5. All submissions should be entered by the closing date.
Final versions must be accepted by the deadline. Late entries may not be eligible.

6. Participants must not cheat for votes.
This includes messaging people asking them to vote for you, begging for votes in any form such as a mood-comment, or rewarding people who vote for you.
Advertising the voting is allowed, but advertising yourself is not.

7. Have fun!
(Or we will eat your faces in a scary manner!) :B


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For the top entries in each category, a Competition winner's badge will be awarded.

<img140*0:stuff/Artistbadge.gif> <img140*0:stuff/ArtistGIF-4.gif>
Every submitted picture or photograph counts as 1 piece of donated art on the Art Donation Records, which will give 1st step badges to those who have not donated Art to Elfpack before.



Add your entries under the line! Here's how to do it ;)
A description or notes, as necessary.

I did the make up myself, it took a total of 15 minutes to put together

i'm going to clown school!
i'm pretty sure clowns are beyond scary enough!

3. [Box]
Hobo. pshhhyah.
too hot for you.

4. [phoenixborn]
Oh yeah call me Crane baby! Actually that's just my normal morning self with extra hat...

Mountain Dew Ninja!!!!!!

6. [Pretty Pixie]
Both images are my black cat costume, I only uploaded the second one so you could get a better look at my make-up. And sorry the full one is a little blurred my camera is evil -.-

7. [FireGypsy]
MerVamp Halloween

8. [skullhead]
Yes Im a Gundam, Gundam X to be precise

9. [james2077]
Baseball dog
Yes this was made by myself with a little help with the sewing machine type settings by my mother or embrottering the name. The cappers was measured at the torso and neck and I used felt as an underlining and satin as a toping. 2 velcro straps are included under torso and neck. sequins were added for effect with gorilla glue the only part not made was the logo. hat was added with NY stiching on front and elastic to go around neck and ears to stay on this falls within the gudelines of (or a victi-... er, volunteer)

Submissions after the contest has ended

The contest has ended and there will probably (at least if you demand it) be a contest next year, but you're welcome to put something here that was too late for joining the contest:

A) [BrYaN]
"Hung Like a Horse" lol excellent! :p

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2008-04-23 [antoneo]: Delirious angel..I doubt ur a soldier or ne of that crap..come back when you can diss someone better?? You aint nothin bitch..jus another low ass azn pieirced ugly bitch.

2008-04-23 [Box]: lol, why wou;d you hope for that?

2008-04-23 [Delirious_Angel]: Ya ok. I'm done having my fun. So stick a fork in an electric socket. Also if you had any perception at all, you can look at my uniform and see that its real, its called blues, which are the classy uniform for Airforce but you wouldn't know anything about that, when you grow up you will find these things out.

2008-04-24 [antoneo]: grow up? shut the fuck up bitch..u no who u talkin to?..If yo really are in the air force i bet they were really fucken desperite to have a punk ass sucker like urself i it..But after watching the micheal moore movie of farenhite 9/11..It became ovious to me to that the american gov. would go to all the ghetto and poor ugly guys to get them to join the army thanks for pointing that out haha

2008-04-24 [Delirious_Angel]: Ya ok, only frenchies, hadji's, and dumb fucks who don't support the guys dying so stupid people of america can stay stupid, your obviously a walking talking breathing example of that.

2008-04-26 [Amaranthine]: Insults do not make anyone look better. This really isn't the place for all that. If you feel like a random argument, why not take it to Bored? instead. You're ruining the purpose of this wiki.

2008-04-26 [Box]: Gawt!
That's what I was trying to say O.o;
this should be festive!

2008-04-28 [Hedda]: irulan @ Elftown can look pretty scary too:

2008-04-28 [Box]: i know that monster is hella scary.

2008-05-02 [Amaranthine]: lol and she's drinking a monster! haha ironic

2008-05-02 [Delirious_Angel]: Monsters make my kidneys hurt. Full throttle is where its at.

2008-05-31 [Hedda]: Puh! I finally ended this contest! Sorry for it to have taken so long! <img:mood13-gif.gif>

Congratulations to the winners! You have surely deserved your space on Mainstuff after all this waiting!

2008-05-31 [Box]: Whoah Ninja second :DDD

I'm Proud of you Delirious!

2008-06-02 [phoenixborn]: Darn it I wanted something for finishing all-out last *sobs*

2008-06-02 [Delirious_Angel]: WHOOO! <3

2008-06-03 [Box]: Uhh you get

Tooth paste? :D

2008-06-03 [Hedda]: [phoenixborn]: Sorry, we're out of virgins... <img:mood5-gif.gif>

2008-06-03 [phoenixborn]: No...we're not *runs out sobbing*

I Am, of course, kidding...

2008-06-06 [Box]: You're right. We lost then all at the pick up line compition xD

That was cheesey bad.

2008-06-14 [phoenixborn]: Ooh hold up, do we get art donors badges for this? I wants more badges I'm trying to collect them XD

2008-06-15 [Box]: Collect em all.

Just like Poke`mon!

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