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2007-02-08 15:14:11
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Gods2Armys Application

Hi, my name is Shane Gilmore ([gods2armys]). I'm from the good ol' United States of America and I'm loving it up! I'm 18 years old soon to be 19 and I'm a damned hard worker when given the chance to help, so thus comes my application to help out where ever I can here on Elfpack.


Knowledge of Elfpack

Yes I have a good knowledge of Elfpack and can handle everything about forums, polls and wiki pages. I also have a good knowledge of the uploading art rules

As for my knowledge of Wikis, I have made wikis and allso i have particapated in helping out friends wikis to:
- zombies members
- The Waffle Temple
- my love poems if you like read these
- gods2armys soundbite gallery
- down w/ the zombie
- Virgo People
- Candy Lovers' Members
- FMA rp
- FUSE V.I.P.'s
- the tripleets
- Toggery Donations

I also participate and comment regulary in some of the following wikis:
- Elfpack Poetry- Friendship&love Poetry
- Elfpack Poetry- Deep&Meaningful Poems
- Elfpack Daily Poem Submissions 5
- EG Dividers 3
- Art donation records
- Apply to the crew
- zoloftzantac's word of the day
- SoundBites
- Show us your Desktop
- Giffie-Pet Store

Other things I do here on Elfpack is donate poetry to Elfpack Poetry and I now have a full poets badge after donating 11 poems! I have also added quite a few EG dividers in the Art Donation records. that has given me the full Art badge for giving 31 EG dividers to EP. I hope to do alot more in the future. i plan to keep on doing both my art and my poetry in EP to help this place grow.


English Skills

"Yes I can read and write in English" as it is my first language and as you can see my application is in perfect English


My Goals

My goal here on Elfpack is to work hard and make this place even more fun and addictive than it already is. I mean come on I spend nearly 24-7 on this site


What will I do as a crew member

As a crew member I will work my fingers to the bone typing and helping out anyone that needs my help even if it is just doing odd jobs that they want done.


Working with Elfpackers

I am really easy to get along with so I shouldn't find it to hard to get along well with the other crew members. Plus patience is a virtue that we all must learn and I have a great deal of patience.


The Final Word

This is my final word before I will let you decide to support me or not. I find this site incredibly fun and meeting new people is always a bonus when working on a site like this, so if I ever make it to council on day, I hope to make this site more fun than it has been for a long long time.



If you think my application is any good and you think I should have a chance to help out more here on Elfpack then add your name!

2)[A Goodbye Is Better When its Forever]
3)[Redneck Heartbreaker]
4)[kittykittykitty] ~ good luck [gods2armys] :)
5)[Morningstar Rising] ~ Best of Luck my friend
6) [Wendy] Kittyx3 made it. You are next and then maybe me!
7) [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤]
8)[Strawboy] good luck man, yer gonna need it
9)[DRACE] ~ I don't realy know you and I don't realy care, but goodluck all the same
10)[zoloftzantac] - I think it rocks that you want to help out
11)[W!ld KAT]-gotta show some love, good luck!!
12)[soo_almighty]- awww, my wittle pet chicken is all gwown up! *cries*..... S'UP [Wendy]!!! and [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤] ^^
13)[Knights Queen] good luck bro i am here for u all the way
14)[My Sky's The Limit]
16)[Zero Avalon] You got hellcross to wish you luck if that aint impressive nothing is good luck man
17)[DragonicTunes]-Hope you get the job, good luck ^^
18)[chevyman] yeah ur bro is in tha house
20)[~*A Beautiful Baby Blue*~]


Apply to the Crew

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2007-01-06 [Strawboy]: Warhammer is still gonna be better

2007-01-08 [chevyman]: but resident evil 4 kicks both of their ass and halo 3 comes out in a few months lol

2007-01-08 [Zero Avalon]: RE 4 beat it it was 2 easly

2007-01-09 [chevyman]: ur crazy man im only in the four chapter and these ladies w/ chain saw gang up on me and cut my head off :(

2007-01-10 [Zero Avalon]: i beat it with in 5 days lol

2007-01-10 [chevyman]: on easy or normal and w/ codes or none

2007-01-10 [Strawboy]: who cares

2007-01-10 [chevyman]: i do

2007-01-11 [Zero Avalon]: no codes and hard

2007-01-12 [chevyman]: lol thats good man

2007-01-12 [Zero Avalon]: Im a resident evil fanatic iand they gave me the ability to aim proably lol the zombies and creatures didnt stand a chance

2007-01-12 [chevyman]: dang man ur lucky that game is bad ass its the best one made so far and all but i just havent been able to break it in yet

2007-01-12 [Zero Avalon]: nah i tihnk 1,2,3 and Code Veronica were done better Storywise and Hameplay related thru 4 has a awsome combat system and the interactive movies ut the skiped the coolest game ever because they want to go after TVirus was discvered and Umbrella shut down

2007-01-19 [gods2armys]: yea i agree the directors edition of 2 was a good one. im ok with the new one where leon comes back but the 2nd ones my pic of best one ever made.

2007-01-20 [Strawboy]: i found out that the team making Devil May Cry 4 were in charge of resident evil 4.

2007-01-21 [Zero Avalon]: great

2007-01-22 [Strawboy]: it turns out they went off the horror survival genre because they needed to reinvent the series

2007-01-22 [gods2armys]: lol dumbass you are weird. from the very beginning devil may cry and resident evil were the same team omg lol :P. i even says so by producers. :P

2007-01-23 [Strawboy]: actually, the resident evil team took over after the FIRST devil may cry

2007-01-23 [Zero Avalon]: I was saying Great it might not fuck it up this time just skiped the end

2007-02-03 [chevyman]: yeah thats true

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