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Fun to read stuff

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2007-06-22 [MandiBabi]: Quotes:
~If a lie leads to another lie and that lie leads to another, where does the truth lead?

~If you can look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say 'I'm Sexy' then it must be true.

~When life gives you lemons, squirt juice in your enemys eye.

~Not everyone is the same, So why should I change to be like you?

~Love doesn't always work, but the friends who help you get through the pain after are forever.

~If you have no wind in your sails, why get on a boat?

~LIfe is like a bag of candy, you never know what you going get.

~Regret is something that just follows you around as you wish it to go away, well it don't so get over it and learn from it.

~Two wrongs don't make a right.

~Lookin' at a rainbow you see the something pretty after a ugly storm, so can't you judge the same about people?

~In baseball you get three chances, in life you get one, maybe two if your lucky.Not everyone is lucky.

~Live life to the fullest you never know when a hill will pop up in your way.

~If you had one wish, would you wish it on yourself or someone you KNOW really needs it?

~I was naming everything I love about you on the stars, but you know what? I ran out of stars.

~The day with I talked about getting out,Not forgeting about,how worst fears are letting out, he said why put a new address on the same old loneiness, when breathing just passes the time, til we all just get old and die, talking just a waste of breath, living a waste of death, so why put a new address on the same old loneiness,this is you and me, me and you, until we got nothing left.(F.O.B)

~Never Regret Anything. Cause at sometime in life, thats exactly what you wanted. (Caiti)

~If you can't be there for your friends, why should they be there for you?

~Hate is Love turned inside out.

~Where theres a will theres a way.

~Try your hardest, then you win.

~When I was in the dark, you became my light. But where you go after? (To Someone who stole my heart and spat it back in my face)

~If your a somebody, then why do people call you nobody?

~You can plan your whole life ahead of you, doesn't mean you really living it.

~True love is blinded has no age limit never give in there someone there for you.(By Javier Aviles)

~People to need to treat each other like prizes not possesion's.(By Javier Aviles)

~Everybody in the world needs love no matter what!!(By Shaina)

~There going to be a day that i make a scar on my wrist with your name on it (By Shaina)

~For thereis hope for a tree, if it is cut down, that it will sprout again,and that its tendershoots will not cease. Through its  roots may grow old in the earth. And its stump may die in the groungsm Yet at the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like aplant. (Job 14: 7-9)

~I'm going to draw a picture.
I'll draw it with a TWIST.
I'll draw it with a razor blade.
I'll draw it on my WRIST.

~& through flowing tears and swallowing bitter pills, I picked up the gun and looked
into it, the tears stopped, I saw my reflection and I knew what I had to do.

~The dumber people think you are the more surprised they'll when you kill them.

~People like you make people like me need medication.

~Suicide is your way of saying "God you can't fire me I quit."

~Suicide your way of saying “God I quit”
Death is God’s way of saying “You’re fired”

~For everything I ever did that hurt you I’m sorry

~Have you ever felt ALONE and nothing makes sense? Well that is how I feel like I’m facing everything by myself, With nothing but TEARS and a fake smile.

~I may HAPPY on the outside but if you felt how I felt on the inside the you’d understand.

~A shot to kill the pain.
A pill to drain the shame.
A purge to stop the grain.
A cut to break the vein.
A smoke to ease the crave.
A drink to win the game.
An Addiction’s an Addiction
Because it always hurts
   THE SAME……..

~I wish I could just let go, let go of you and let go of me, let go of life and death, but then something pulls me back….. Oh yeah I forgot to put bullets in the gun!

~Last night I was looking up at the stars and I was matching each one with a reason why I loved you but then something terrible happened I done ran out of stars.

~I may not get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know you’re the one I love, and I can’t let you go.

~Its weird how you can go from being strangers to being friends to being more than friends to being practically strangers again…and it all happens so fast

~I’m a loser I know but you LOVE me

~I wish I was as Invisible as you make me feel.

~How to be her hero!
Listen to her secrets♥Take her out to dinner♥call her first♥♥label her as yours♥understand her feelings.Tell her shes gorgeous . Write her a song♥talk to her like a human being♥ask her to dance with you.♥never imagine life without her♥kiss her in the rain♥hold her hand at anytime♥♥pass her love letters.☻never forget her birthday♥♥tell her shes always right**be her escape ♥♥tell her you believe this is a fairytale_give her gummie worms☻remember her favorite colors☻hold her books in school♥give her hugs and kisses♥show her off to your friends☻hold her hand just because♥treat her like a star\dream about her♥♥♥♥tell her shes super nifty♥say she has the key to your heart♥Watch her walk home-so shes safe♥♥♥play her favorite game☻Have a song that reminds you of her♥☻kiss her on the forehead…dance together like retards☻Stay together forever LET LOVE LAST♥

~Swallow your bitter pills that’s what makes you beautiful.

~Death is salvation, my love.

~Life is to short to be anything but happy, so kiss slowly, love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances,
Give everything, have no regrets, and forget the bad in the past. Just remember what all it has taught you.

~I don’t suffer from an addiction to GERARD WAY I enjoy every second of it!

~You said u loved me , u said u cared, u said forever, u lied.

~I wish I could hate you half as much as I hate myself.

~Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

~& through flowing tears and blurred vision, I picked up the gun put it to my head. The tears stopped and I knew what I had to do….

~Real MEN kiss their girls in the rain in front of their BOYS!

~Starve to death in a land of plenty

~I learned how to break hearts from you.

~I have a thing for anything acoustic!

~Never say I Love You
     If you really don't care
Never talk about feelings
        If they aren't really there
Never hold my hand
    If you are gonna brake my heart
Never say you are going to
             If you don't plan to start
Never look into my eyes
    If all you do is lie
Never say hi
If you really mean goodbye
If you really mean forever
    Then say you will try
Never say forever
Cuz forever makes me cry........

~Please don’t tell me not to cry
Please don’t say there was a reason why
You don’t know what I am feeling
Or how much I hurt
The wet spots are from the tears on the collar of this shirt
You think I should go on with life
Forget about it and be strong
But deep down I am sad, and I don’t want to go along
I don’t expect you to understand why
For no apparent reason I break down and start to cry
My life has changed forever you see
And that is why I am not acting like the same old me
So please don’t try to act like nothing happened
Because it’s changed my life forever
I will never be the same again
Not today,not tomorrow,not ever
The best thing you can do for me is to just be there
Just like always my friend
My broken heart is hurting bad
And it will never mend.

~Find arms that will HOLD you at your weakest, eyes that will SEE you at your ugliest, and a heart that will LOVE you at your worse……..   The you have FOUND true love.

~If you love someone, tell them.broken hearts are often caused by unspoken words.

~You’re not suppose to fall in love with someone you can live with you’re suppose to fall in love with someone you can’t live without

~I’m scared of what I saw,, I’m scared of what I did, of who I am, & most of all I’m scared of walking out this room & never feeling the rest of my life the way I feel when I’m with you!

~Promise me you will not ever leave

~Nothing is more Painful the realizing that he meant everything to you but you meant NOTHING to him

~So what if I like black? It doesn’t make me a bad person

~How can you break my fucking heart & tell me you still love me?

~One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life: that word is LOVE.

~You wanted the best but….. it wasn’t me

~What I really meant to say is I’m sorry for the way I am

~& I’m starting to believe the only person to trust is MYSELF. </3
Never say hi

~All those scars on her arms; Don’t worry. She says they’re little notes to remind her how many times you broke her heart.

~“All Because of You. I believe in Angels. Not The Kind With Wings.No,Not The Kind With Halos. The Kind That Bring You Home. When Home Becomes A Strange Place. I’ll Follow Your Voice.All You Have To Do Is Shout It Out!…”

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