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2008-06-06 23:55:05
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Friends = Fun

Retard! (chris)
Wtf? ? (holly) [trouble_293]
Yeah lets look as ruff as possible and take a picture =D
You can do it chris!
This is what best friends look like..
Try to keep a straight face =D
Having fun? lol (me and natalie)
Ooh.. evil
Yay random food and kitchen stuff but blended!
Ha! random (jay)
Okay... I have vain moments (Horrible pic)
He really is a clown :) (paul)
We hug ducks!
Okay.. he just looks stupid i agree
Haha.. that was fun

/ [Niki Nightmare ☆]

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2007-10-07 [Radioactive Man]: wooo woooo ernmm... wooo?

2007-10-07 [Xx §ophie xX ^_^ Happy ^_^ xX]: wow u hav more fun then i do with my m8s

2007-10-07 [Pretty.Blunt]: lol i love it reminds me of me n my friends lol

2007-10-08 [Its An Omen]: lmao what a gd night

2007-10-08 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: Hell yeah! And this halloween party is gunna be awesome!!

2007-10-12 [Its An Omen]: yeah well with 4 of us there lmao yeah it will be !

2007-10-12 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: wtf you on about 4 of us?? :S if only four of us turn up then im out of there xD

2007-11-04 [Its An Omen]: lol well more of us did turn up
fair dos it did turn good when paul n ant turned up

2007-11-08 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: oh yeah! lmao

2008-01-02 [Its An Omen]: yeah shame u gt shitty over the most lame things mind

2008-01-02 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: Fuck you.. i wouldnt call it lame!
youre just a weirdo xD

2008-01-04 [Its An Omen]: haha o the memories

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