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2012-12-16 10:00:18
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The people listed on this page, are people who I believe are amazing, awesome or in some other way epic. They may have made me laugh, or helped me out, or anything else.

I highly recommend meeting these people and talking to them, it's really worth it!

- [Amalaswinta]
- [Bookwyrm]
- [Hedda]
- [kittykittykitty]
- [Eyes of the Reaper]
- [Lina]
- [Morgoth]
- [tsukasa123]

(List is in alphabetical order)

The badge up there is not for free use. Steal it and I'll smack you.
Steal it too many times and I'll send the most evil, heartless and conniving Guard we have at you to spend some play time with you. <img25*0:img/mood/257_1112669837.jpg>

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2012-11-07 [kittykittykitty]: *does the epic dance*

2012-11-11 [Stephen]: <img:lo-gif.gif>

2012-12-04 [sammie h!]: Never new about this lol.

2012-12-04 [Stephen]: x3

2012-12-05 [sammie h!]: Ha ha, you should have your own badge for being epic. X

2012-12-09 [Stephen]: Awh, thanks. (:

2012-12-09 [sammie h!]: I could make you one. X

2012-12-10 [Stephen]: x3

2012-12-16 [Morgoth]: Fixed that for you.

2012-12-16 [Morgoth]: Also, so you don't get too cocky from all the love Sammie is showing you, you suck. You're an awful person, Stephen. I hope all the worst things in life happen to you.

I'm doing this for your own good, so that you'll stay humble, jerk. *spits on you like a true friend*

2012-12-16 [Stephen]: How very loving of you, Morty. :3

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