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~Elfpack’s Sexiest Mrs. Santa Claus Contest~



Jolly old Saint Nick is feeling a bit sad and lonely this Christmas, So he needs a hot sexy Mrs. Santa Claus to warm him up during the winter.


Follow these rules:

§1 It should be a photo of you! pretending to be a (Mrs. Santa Claus), make it as sexy as you can but remember, absolutely No nudity of minors will be aloud. Please add a short description too!
(You need to have a real Santa Claus Christmas hat on your head to enter the contest,
real no computer editing, real!)

§2 The winner will get a badge and donor-privilege (see <URL:donate.html>).

§3 By submitting an image to this competition, you approve that Elfpack can use that image for marketing Elfpack. If Elfpack decides to use your image, you'll get 1 donor-privilege even if your image didn't win.

§4 The winning images will be selected by the Elfpack crew and a Mainstuff poll will be used to advise the crew on which image should win.

§5 You may only submit one image. If you have more images, then you're free to show them on Elfpack, of course, but not submit them here.

§6 The image should be uploaded to Elfpack. It is suggested that you upload it by going to your house and press "Upload a folder of images" on top, because there you can upload an image without getting it resized.

§7 Deadline is for December 31st 2006.


[This wiki may contain some brief nudity.
If you do not wish to see it,
Do Not! click on the wiki link below.

Sexiest Mrs. Santa Claus submissions


Its time to call out the top five:

# 5.) [*.:Kayla:.*]<img100*0:img/image/5434_1160785166.jpg>
#4.) [Psycho ShadowBlood]<img100*0:stuff/z/34119/yasmin%2520the%2520sexy%2520italian%2520kitten%25202/i1165630924.jpg>
#3.) [IanaP]<img100*0:img/image/42861_1165843746.jpg>
#2.) [RabidSphinx]<img100*0:>

And the number one sexiest Mrs. Santa Claus is!
[FireGypsy], Congratulations you sexy Bi#@!





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2006-12-31 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: hi marie

2006-12-31 [♥DRAGON♥]: so wheres [skullhead] at

2006-12-31 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: hey marie you should come over and put some bod on

2006-12-31 [skullhead]: ...

2006-12-31 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: dont ask i wear guys spray because it smalls good but only bod

2006-12-31 [♥DRAGON♥]: yes she does and sorry i dont wear guys spray

2006-12-31 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: k well idc

2006-12-31 [♥DRAGON♥]: kool

2007-01-10 [FireGypsy]: Yeah baby! Omfg I won! *falls over* And look who is second you sexy beast you!

2007-01-10 [FireGypsy]: Omfg did you HAVE to put my picture on Mainstuff HUGE! *prepares for the buttload of messages*

2007-01-10 [skullhead]: <img:dand-gif.gif> Yes I did

2007-01-10 [FireGypsy]: -_-

2007-01-10 [skullhead]: Come on live the moment

2007-01-10 [FireGypsy]: Ill think about it ^_^

2007-01-10 [skullhead]: And if you get any messages from horny lesbian you can always send them my way lol

2007-01-10 [FireGypsy]: Certainly!

2007-05-07 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: i love you guys

2007-05-08 [skullhead]: we love you too<img:mood2-gif.gif>

2008-12-17 [skullhead]: looking back on this wiki, I think it was one of my greatest achievements. all thanks to you girls.<img:mood22-gif.gif>

2009-05-12 [kittykittykitty]: Haha... indeed it is Mr. Skullhead :D Very good work <img:mood36-gif.gif>

2009-05-12 [skullhead]: Domo arigato gozaimasu.<img:dand-gif.gif>

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