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2005-07-03 15:41:07
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Elfpack's Dragon Art Contest

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Place you entry between the lines:

Name: [Dwemer]
Title: ''Narrow-Arrow, Terror of MoonLight Mountain''

Name: [Amalaswinta]
Title: Draco

Title: Guardians

Name: [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]
Title: Dragon in attack *from my painting "Chris the dragon slayer"*

Title: Dragon Ready for attack *from my painting "Chris the dragon slayer"*

Name: [phoenixandashes]
Title: Welsh Dragon

Title: Blue Dragon

Titel: The guard

Name: [Mom]


Name: [Alexandra the Great]
Title: Ignis, Beast of Fire

Title: Tonara, creature of Thunder and Lightning

title: none for now..
put this up until I get somthing better :o


Name: [footfalls]
Title: Garden Dragon

Name: [Analeyin]
Title: Dropping By...

Name: [pBm^_+El**+w]
Title: "Jak'edrac's Shared Vision" (novel illustration) Click for full size.

Name: [pBm^_+El**+w]
Title: "Underwater Chase" (novel illustration) Click for full size.

Name: [SpiralDragon]
Title: "Wonderes Dragon" Please click for full size.

Name [SpiralDragon]
Title: "A beautiful head view" Please click for full size.

Name [Ril]
Title: Dragon Balance
Title:Dragon Mist

Title: Meykalin

Title: Kyphin

Title:Thunder Drake

Name: [Lioness123]
Title: "Nogard"

Name: [~altopia~]
Title: Sun setting

Title: Fighting Dragons

Name: [Peachirach]
Title: Baby dragon


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2005-07-05 [Dwemer]: ^_-

2005-07-05 [~altopia~]: I was thinking, perhaps we could next time run sister comps for traditional and digital art. They are very different after all, like when you run a photo and art comp on the same topic. Little adjustments like brightness and contrast should be allowed but no manipulations in the art,,(everyone knows scanners are temprimental) It's just an idea, pls let me know what you think.

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: actually, we've been thinking about that already, it's just that almost every entry basically is digital. This is the first contest I know of with so many 'tradition' entries ;-)

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: We could organise a ''Traditional Art Contest'' and a ''Modern Art Contest'' next time Amalas, what do you think?

2005-07-06 [Mom]: I think that would be is hard to judge a pencil drawing against a digitally drawn and colored one.

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: yeah, its true. I've been fiddling about with both art forms, and they are very far removed from eachother.

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: But that's after the current ones of course :)

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: though I must say, equally as enjoyable:)

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: yeah of course:)

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: Yeps, digital and traditional are very different... But sometimes it looks the same.

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: hmmm...I was asked if my painting was digital...They can look similar

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: See what I meen? :)

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: *nods*

2005-07-06 [SpiralDragon]: ''Traditional Art Contest'' and a ''Modern Art Contest'' would a very cool idea. I might make it a little more even ^_~

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: ah yes, but then the question arises: "What's modern art?" is it contemporary art? digital art? abstract art? ;-)

2005-07-06 [SpiralDragon]: hehe we could put up a drawing or pic of each during a contest! :DDD

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: This contest has ended ;)

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: ehm.. just thinking... you do all know about our Elfpack Contests Suggestion Page don't you?

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: Erm, I hope they do! ... Well, now they do ;)

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: ^_^ anyways, I'm going back to couch-slouching now ;-)

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: me tooz ;)

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