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Badge Created by [Faith.Hope.Love]
The officers:
[sammie h!]: chief of police (owner)
: joint chief of police
:chief inspector
:chief inspector
:chief inspector
: sergeant
: C.I.D.


by [Dark_ Possesion]


We are here to help the guards, we do not have there power but we will help them with what ever they need help with.

It is best that you fill in your description to let people know all about you, as more members might read your profile and think, "There interesting, lets see if this member want's a chat".

Put a profile picture up of you to show who you are as other members would like to see what you look like.

Make sure you read the uploading art rules as these are very important

This is a place for problems to try and get resolved before going to the Guards as if we can resolve it, what's the point in going to them? :)


Elfpack rules:

1. We don't care about copyright issues. Unless the real police are knocking on Hedda's door , we're not going to remove 'em.

2. We don't outlaw all sexually explicit things from public. Writings are mostly OK, generally. We worry about pictures and the such.

3. Minors are not permitted on pages with sexual content.

4. Personal bios can be anything, about anything.

5. Respect others stealing of works, or trashing of other's pages or official ones.

7. Respect hate wikis or messages apart from if they are approved.


if you need any more help please contact [sammie h!] or [Stephen] who is the Warden and knows more about the site than I do He thinks lol.


people under watch:



Notice from the Elfpack Warden:
Please note that this page is not in any way an official or recommended page, and is thus not associated with nor necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Council, Guards or Volunteers. We are however happy to see members who want Elfpack to be a better place, enjoyable for all, and encourage members to do so in ways that follow rules and promote understanding. Have a fun time Elfpacking, and enjoy this page!
                    - [Stephen]


Other Elfpack helpful sites:

- Council
- Guards
- help 
- Index
-What is an asshole?
-Chain Messages

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2013-02-06 [Stephen]: Once I get a chance to do so, I'm going to redesign the concept of Guards to be more like mediators, and less like scary "BAN BAN BAN" figures.

I really want to make the administration more friendly and transparent.

2013-02-06 [sammie h!]: Yeah that's a great idea. :) x

2013-02-07 [Stephen]: Why'd you erase this page?

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: As nobody liked it, but if you disagree I will put it back up, I just don't want people to think I am immitating the Guards. :)

2013-02-07 [Stephen]: You had two people in the comments say they did like it.

I said it was an interesting idea, just needed some work.

It's your page to do whatever you want with, though. :P

2013-02-07 [GlassCasket]: agreed, you can keep it up if you want, all i did was express my opinion about it lol I've created a couple of wiki-pages that people didn't like but i was like, 'whateva blow meh.'

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: Yeah, I do want to keep it up but I dunno lol, I don't know where I could go with this, hmm, I will have to think of a few things. :)

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: Wallah, its back with only 4 clicks. :)

2013-03-05 [lex!!~land]: this is an interesting idea.

perhaps to help manage the lesser demands and lessen the load the guards have to carry. I agree with Stephen. :P

2013-03-05 [sammie h!]: That's what I want from this, as then the guards could send the less serious offences to me or set up a way I could see the report. :)

2013-03-13 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: I'll be on here more regularly So you need a joint chief I'll be glad to assist.

2013-03-13 [sammie h!]: Let me think about iT

2013-03-15 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: of course Ma'am.

2013-03-30 [kittykittykitty]: Shiny pretty badge

2013-03-30 [sammie h!]: I love it, thanks to [Faith.Hope.Love] for the badge, and what's more, it's british lol. :)

Here's a question, what does it need to get on Recommended page? :)

2013-04-08 [Stephen]: Well, a clear purpose would be a good start. :P

I've suggested, for example, rewording it to a place members can talk out issues before reporting.

Right now you still sound like pseudo Guards. =P

2013-04-08 [sammie h!]: I will see what I can do. :)

2013-04-10 [Stephen]: Ask Artsie to help you write up this page, perhaps? :3

2013-04-21 [---Blind Spot---]: FUCK DA POLICE!!

2015-01-06 [//*Ghost*//]: thank you for invitation. sorry for the long disappearance, i had some personal things to fix. but if the offer still stands i do accept and thank you

2015-09-22 [---Blind Spot---]: Hello there

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