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Friendship and Love Poems


Who Am I?

you see what i do
and you hear what i say
but do you ever wonder
if its really me
am i really so happy
or do i hide my tears
i dont let you see
and i dont let you hear
i just turn and laugh
and nobody knows
cause nobody cares
is it true what you say
that my life is great
i dont think it is
i think its a lie
listen and see
that sometimes i cry
it's all in my eyes
they'll tell you whats wrong
my life isnt real
i live in a dream
thats a nightmare.


Time Heals All Wounds

Heartache and sorrow,
along with some grief.
It rises and falls
just like the sea.
You know its happened,
but you don’t yet know why.
I know its hard to believe,
he wont be there to say hi.
But life won’t stop,
the world still turns.
The seasons will change,
and the rain will end.
Don’t think of the times
that you fought,
or didn’t get along,
but the times that he laughed
and other good times.
Don’t forget his name,
or who he was.
hold tight to your family
and to your friends,
because they’ll always be there,
Through the thick and the thin.
Time heals all wounds,
though it still leaves the pain.
I promise it will lessen
with each passing day.


By [Im_Done]

Its hard to have friends
When they dont like you
They will spread rumors
Talk behind your back
Its not a pretty sight when the o so fat one speaks
They will try to hurt you
No matter what
So heres some advice
Be carful picking friends
Like me and my BFF ,Morgan.


By [Mister Creazil]

You forgotten
Forgotten the past and the heartless shadows
That lie beneath your core
You shred the bittersweet love
That you once owned
Now crushed without fail
That thing you shred and crushed
Was the middle of my lonely heart
Goodbye now....


A Song For You
By [Mister Creazil]

I was once told
That love was a special feeling
That it would change your life forever
Mine hasn't changed, it's just begun
You're inside it and It feels so amazing
I begin to feel, the meaning of love
It's digging into the core of my heart
Heres the key my love, heres my heart
You can have it as it loves you alot
Now you have it, and keep it forever
You belong there, you should stay there
My heart is given away to the love I cherish
To the person who I care of the most
You just happen to be so amazingly true
And it all feels like a wonderful dream
If I shall wake up tomorrow morning
With my heart in my hands
I will then know, that all this was a wonderful dream
Then I will sit down and think
Of what I could of been if it wasn't
If you were there, if I did feel love
Then I lie down and dream the dream again
This time, it's not a dream
It's for real, it's my dream come true
And as they say
Love is a special feeling
And will change your life forever
For me it never changed
It has only just begun


Past Memories
By [Mister Creazil]

The pain is getting harsher
The blood is getting thicker
The cut is getting deeper
My wrist is getting worser
Please help me through my worries
Let me succeed this life
I can't go on doing this to myself
I need help, I'm mentally insane
I cut down my wrist and I'm just too in pain
Pain from all my worries and
Pain from all my fears
Pain from the scars that show past memories
Those memories I do not
Want to remember...
But the scars just left there
Just do nothing but show me the
Past Memories about you...


The Flower I Gave You
By [Mister Creazil]

That Flower Died
The one you gave me
You said it'd last forever
As long as you love me
So I take the fact
You don't love me no more
The Flower you gave me
Has told me that
So tell me the truth
And I will accept it
I will leave with my broken heart
That will be broken forever
I still love you
I always do
As The Flower I gave you
Hasn't died....
And never will.


By [Mister Creazil]

I am shy and I don't know why
She's my best friend
But I want to be more than that
How can I tell her?
How can I tell her?
She is the big part of my life
She lives inside my heart
She has the key... to my life
I am shy and I don't know why
Help me here, Help me here
I want to be with her
I want her in my arms
How can I tell her?
How can I tell her?
The feelings I hide hurt me
I don't want to hide them
I don't want to fear
I want to tell her
But I can't
And only last year...
Was the year she died
And left me a note
Before she died and it said;
'I loved him but I was too shy
I wish I could tell him but I dunno how
I'm too shy and I don't know why'
Now all I have are these stupid regrets
Knowing she loved me
Lost now.
Confused now.
Hollow now.
Regrets now.


By [c0c0bUtTeR]

I thought it was true,
i know why im blue
he just up and left
i feel out of breath
it makes my heart race
and me red in the face.
i wish i could just be me
i need a fighting chance
not just a second glance
tis not fair
he walks on air
i dont know what it means
i need somewhere to lean
im not above
this feeling is love.


What was I Meant to Live for?
By [c0c0bUtTeR]

I walk down the hall with two of my best friends on each side of me. A guy and a girl.
I love them both like hell.
I look to the gurl on the left.
And I think this is a girl I can gossip with, this is a girl I who will always be my friend.
This is a girl I can talk to about my guy friend when I think about him.
I truly love this girl.
I look to the guy on the right and I think I love him a little more, though I don't think he knows it. I wish he would love me the same as I love him.
When I look at him I think this is a guy I can say anything to, who I can trust, who will always be friend, This is a guy who just likes keeping it real. I love how sweet and kind he is.
I love listening to the silences when we talk on the phone.
Oh how I miss those silences.
I love laughing when he kills the conversations. You could say that the conversation was going to die in about 5 seconds and he would say less than that.
I truly love this guy. These are 2 very special people in my life.
When I look at these 2 people, I now know why I was meant to live. Now we continue to walk down these halls together and I am left with one question: I wonder what if I were to walk these halls alone?



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