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Hello everyone,
I am Aditya from India. I am doing Chartered Accountant's course over here. With that in my part time i take tutions and teach the students upto the 10th grade.I have been teaching for past 3 years. Subjects i basically deal in are Mathematics and Science(Physics, Chemistry and Biology).I can assure that you or your ward, for whomsoever you are looking for the tutor, will enjoy understanding the concepts. If you are interested to know more, mail me at my email id, with E-Tutor as subject.


/ [aditpoddar]

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2009-06-07 [Cameron's girl]: i dont apply, im going into 12th grade

2009-06-07 [NyxianVanity]: He might be able to help depending on what you require tutoring for.

2009-06-07 [aditpoddar]: Alexis, its gr8 to know it, so final year of ur school!!Enjoy!!
So wat r da subjects with u??

2009-06-07 [xXxbewitched bitchxXx]: it dont apply to me have been out of schoool for 2yrs

2009-06-07 [Cameron's girl]: oh my main classes are english and government..then idk about my other 2 classes, then im going into cosmetology for a second year

2009-06-10 [aditpoddar]: ohk alexis!!well these subjects are ones in which i dont deal!!if it would have been any of Maths or related to Science then it might have been possible that i could have helped but sorry!!

2009-06-10 [aditpoddar]: Heya [xXxbewitched bitchxXx], its not necessary that u search for urself but if u have some younger siblings or any younger friends then u can ask them if they need it!!n gr8 to know that u have passed out of school!!so wat r u doing nowadays!!

2009-06-11 [xXxbewitched bitchxXx]: hey yeah i will keep that in mind, am working in care

2009-06-19 [Boomnesss]: uhhmm...i am done with those going into 12th grade and my classes will be Government, Apologetics, World History, Economics and stuff like that....I have already completed all of my science and math requirements

2009-07-19 [shiome18]: hey!

2009-12-21 [sktrgrl#2]: sorry i dont count im in my freshman year of college

2010-05-01 [shiome18]: ok

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