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2010-05-04 01:36:12
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Okay so, we've all been there. Accidentally fallen for our best friend. Well for Nakamoure it's a bit more difficult than that. You see, Nakamoure is the princess. The heir to the throne of Nakara. It's her fate to marry Kanako, prince of Katore. But instead she has fallen in love with her best friend. A peasant named Takaro Ukabi. With Nakamoure's refusal to marry him, Kanako launched a war on the neighboring kingdom, without a care of who is killed.

Princess Nakamoure
Prince Kanako
Takaro Ukabi
The Woods of Nakara

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2010-05-30 [Legendary]: well...maybe

2010-05-30 [Empty Sky]: :D pie party?

2010-05-30 [Legendary]: <.< perhaps

2010-05-30 [Empty Sky]: i inv ite you. :D I put your name on the list

2010-05-30 [Legendary]: WOOT

2010-05-30 [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]: lol

2010-05-30 [Empty Sky]: just talk to the bouncer to get in

2010-05-30 [Legendary]: XD

2010-05-30 [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]: IM TEH BOUNCER

2010-05-30 [Empty Sky]: this is true

2010-05-30 [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]: ^.^

2010-05-31 [Empty Sky]: Dude... I wonder if pie parties really exist...

2010-06-01 [Legendary]: well pie is a sexual term for the P**** so yes they do XD

2010-06-01 [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]: O.O

2010-06-01 [Empty Sky]: Only you, Nick xD

2010-06-01 [Legendary]: XD

2010-06-01 [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]: no autumn if he didnt say anything I woulda you know how my mind works ^.^

2010-06-05 [Legendary]: XD

2010-06-07 [Wolf Girl93]: Konichiwa!!!!=)

2010-06-08 [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]: BEASTLY POTATO BARREL!!!! YAY

2010-06-09 [Legendary]: lol

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