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Custom Dolls

Badge adapted by [kittykittykitty]

[Custom Dolls is open!]

Do you want a doll that looks just like you? Simply Request a doll from Custom Dolls and we will make it happen for you!

The Procedure

Fill out The Form with specifications for your doll.
Send completed forms to [Box]

Doll Rules

-Follow correct procedure for ordering, or you will not get your doll!
-If there is a queue, your order may take a few days, but be patient
-The doll may be slightly different to what you ask for. If this happens, don't complain about it! We do try our best with what you want (and most of the time we succeed), but please accept what you are given
-If you have any questions about your order, please ask them in the comments box and we will do our best to sort it for you
-If you get a message saying "We cannot make a doll for you, please change your form and apply again", that means something you have asked for is not available. If you want to be sure what is and isn't available, ask about it in the comments box
-Don't make requests if we are closed. You will not get a doll this way. Simply wait until we are open again

The Form
Doll Rules

[News: Read this]

Ive been such an Idiot and lost the password to [Doll Maker] so send the dolls to me for now kay? Oh a new thing has came up!! You can name your doll so anyways...


Username (or number or email):


Login problems?

2006-02-14 [Doll Maker]: i made yours broken lover

2006-03-22 [~!~lil crazy juggalette~!~]: hello

2006-03-27 [Doll Maker]: Oo

2006-03-29 [tazz]: sorry me and dragouns have not ben on

2006-03-29 [Box]: tis ok

2006-05-25 [Wendy]: I make dolls, too! I have so freakin' many! Check out the gallery of dolls I have created. Show me yours, too! I'm at Wendy's Dolls.

2006-05-25 [Box]: Ive seen 'um.yours are great

2006-05-31 [tazz]: i like what you did to the wiki and cool badge

2006-05-31 [kittykittykitty]: Thank you :)

2006-05-31 [tazz]: your welcome

2006-06-19 [shellygriffith]: ok yay...i sent a form to [St. Jimmy] i should be getting the doll soon right???

2006-06-19 [Box]: maybe...Yeppo!

2006-06-20 [kittykittykitty]: Did you send the request to [St. Jimmy] or [Box]? They are different houses...

2006-06-20 [Box]: [Box]....I got it!

2006-07-30 [kittykittykitty]: You should be able to ask a guard to give you a new password. Did you register an e-mail address with [Doll Maker]?

2006-07-30 [Box]: no...*crys* no ill just ask [tazz] later...he knows

2006-08-03 [Piercedskull]: may I have a doll?

2006-08-03 [Box]: sure....

2006-08-04 [Piercedskull]: ^^

2006-08-04 [Box]: Its done and will arive shortly

2006-08-04 [Piercedskull]: Yay!^^

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