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2009-05-21 15:14:47
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People are right. Ranting IS healthy. Now allow me...

1. For crying out loud. I can't stress this enough. You are not Edward Cullen's girlfriend/wife! You never will be! He is a character of fiction! So is Jacob Black. Stop telling me that Jacob Black is gonna come after me and rip my face off. Seriously, it's annoying as fuck. Quit saying that you're Edward and Bella's daughter. *rolls eyes* Yes, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and half of the cast of Twilight are hot. I get it. I've read all the books. I know. So, shut the hell up.

2. I love video games as much as the next asshole, but COME ON! Some people think that they ARE Master Chief of Halo or they ARE some other fantasy character from a video game. These characters only exist in the confines of an Xbox or other video game systems.

3. People over the age of 25 on Elfpack. Need I say more? Honestly...

4. Kids who are 16 and complain that they are a little bit 'poor' and they have a fucking cell phone and a goddamn computer. If you can afford those, you are not poor. If you were, you would be living in a box in an alleyway.

5. Suicidal people. There is NO need to say how much they bug me. But I will say it anyway. Stop saying that you cut yourself so you can feel alive. Enough, seriously. Okay? Look at yourself in the mirror. You are standing there. YOU ARE ALIVE!!! I understand if you feel a little depressed every once in a great while, believe me I've been down that road and it sucks. So quit. Stop being stupid. Do something else with your time besides "cutting".

6. Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins and such do NOT exist. Maybe they used to, but not anymore. If they did exist now, we would all be dead. They only exist in books and movies. No more than that. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE vampire and werewolf movies and such. But, holy shit.

7. Fifteen year old boys who haven't even hit puberty yet, with user names like 'Playboi Millionare' and 'HoodGangstaa'. Shut the hell up. Seriously. If you still live with your parents, you are NOT a play boy millionare. And I doubt that your parents are going to raise you in a neighborhood with gangsters and shit like that roaming the streets.

8. Skankish ass girls who are thirteen or even fourteen or fifteen. Stop dressing like hookers. Really. Stop complaining that guys are hitting on you left and right when you have barely any clothes and you talk about having sex on your page. Dumbasses. Yeesh!

9. Hypocrisy. Really. Don't tell me what I do is wrong, if you turn around and do the same goddamn thing. That really irritates the shit outta me.

to be continued... 

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2010-01-23 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Really? Well, at least you're getting some peace and quiet, yeah? Not hearing chirpy, annoying voices GAH!

2010-01-23 [R.]: Haha definitely. Not even to mention the stupid boys. Their sex driven minds got really annoying haha.

2010-01-23 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: HOLY SHIT! My thoughts exactly!! Gawd, boys are so stupid. They only think with thier dicks...LOL!

2010-01-23 [R.]: Haha they really are. Even the 'nice' boys slip up from time to time.

2010-01-23 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Yeah no kidding. Every 'nice' guy sometimes bitches about us not liking them, but the assholes. I'm like, "No, you're just to damn insecure and you're bein' an asshole too!" LOL! Seriously, all guys are the same. . .gah!

2010-01-23 [R.]: Haha, the pretty much are. Even my boyfriend pulls that shit. It's just like, Really? Did you really just do that? Haha, can't expect much better though.

2010-01-28 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: I don't have a boyfriend. I love being single hahahaha.

2010-01-28 [R.]: Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years, and right now he's living in Texas. I feel single haha.

2010-01-30 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Oh, well I hope you're getting along fine without him ^_^

2010-02-03 [Deviant Z]: Ahh so not fair a lot do think that way but not all of them and a lot of guys need to be needed so thanks CC make me feel bad XP

2010-02-03 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Aw come on, I was just on a roll. Not every single guy on the planet is like that. There can be good ones in the bunch :)

2010-02-03 [Deviant Z]: Yes we all can be perverted just some of us tend to supress our thoughts XP

2010-02-04 [Kehlie says oy.]: Ahh, high five for ranting. =)

2010-02-04 [Deviant Z]: Wow ur getting a lot of feedback on ur wiki sweet

2010-02-05 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: YAY for ranting!!

2010-02-13 [Deviant Z]: XP hey CC where u been lately

2010-02-13 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: I've been around lol. You just can't see me >_> hahahaha.

2010-02-16 [Deviant Z]: O.o  I so did see u lol

2010-02-17 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: BAH! I've been found out! >_>

2010-02-18 [Deviant Z]: Hahaha we are easily amused XD

2010-02-18 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: *nods in agreement* Indeed, we are, sir. Indeed, we are.

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