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This wiki was made by me in a random fit of frustration a few months ago. Ever since, we've had growing members and many different people speak up on how they feel about Twilight. So I'd just like to say thank-you to everyone who's joined, who pops in every now and then and to those who just like to look.

This wiki has evolved from a few grammar-nutters, to over 20 literature-loving, Twilight hating friends. This group is a wiki dedicated NOT ONLY to the dislike of the Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer, but a real appreciation of literature, of other books with a vampire or fantasy theme that sets better examples of literature than Twilight. Also, some of us have a bit of a "Fuck The Mainstream" attitude, we don't have to follow brainless literary trends, we can think for ourselves and have our own tastes in books and film.

This group is not intended to insult or offend anyone in particular, but if you are, feel free to speak up about it, though, beware of being ganged up upon as we're pretty much all here united against one thing, Twilight.
All of us do understand that Twilight is here, and you cannot change the past, but still, it doesn't mean we can't be Anti-Twilight.


Here's some reasons why Twilight is arse, these stats are taken from so they are not of my doing. I can't really be bothered explaining my views just yet, but when I fee a rant coming on, I'll post it.

Why don't we like Twilight?

A small summary of reasons why we don't like Twilight, if you're a bit too lazy to read all the rebuttals on Rebuttals Against Twilight. However, if there's points that you don't quite understand, read up on them in extensive detail on Rebuttals Against Twilight.

Poor Writing;
Stephanie Meyer writes at an amateur lever. She abuses the thesaurus, throws in far too many unneccesary adjectives and uses far too many synonyms for the same word. Meyer's constant massacre of words is a fast way to fill up pages, but leaves absolutely no room for plot, character development, or any kind of quality. There's no real substance to the writing.

Edward and Bella have a disgustingly abusive relationship, it's hard to ignore. Twilight is written in a way that condones this and even celebrates it, which is the most disgusting part. There shouldn't be anything romantic about abuse and stalking. Twilight makes these things seem oh-so-normal, romantic and in a way, it's taking the piss out of actual abuse and stalking.=. An abusive relationship is characterized by jealousy, sexual coercion, verbal abuse, control games, and power plays. Twilight proudly displays all of these. 

True Love?
The only conversations Bella and Edward hold together are discussions of how dangerous he is, how easily he could hurt her, and how temping her smell is. They know nothing of each other outside of the realm of physical attributes, and discuss nothing more than Edward's power.
When Bella decides she is in love with Edward, she still has no idea who he is, what he's like, or what his personality is. Yet somehow she starts to revolve her entire life around him in an unhealthy fit of obsession. The short amount of time in which Bella claims to "fall in love" with a person she knows next to nothing about creates the disillusion that "true love" is obtained effortlessly in a matter of days; further demeaning the very concept of "love". When Edward leaves Bella in the second book, her life falls apart and she begins purposely putting herself in dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations in order to bring him back. Eventually Edward returns after Bella throws herself off a cliff, bringing them back together again. After this happens, Meyer makes no effort to discourage this behavior as something unreasonable, but as something that will be effective. What does this teach young girls? That their lives depend on their boyfriends? That nothing else in their lives should matter as much as their relationship? That they should compromise their own safety to draw the attention of a lover? Some young, impressionable teenage girls that read these books have started to believe that this is the "perfect" relationship. This should not only concern parents, but disturb them.


Anti-Twilight Members Join here!!! Put your name down, to become a proud member. =]

Twi-Tard Violence True stories of violence from Twilighters unto anti's, all written by the victims.

Anti-Twilight Banners Look for some neat banners to display on your house, or create one of your own for others (Or only you) to use.

Rebuttals Against Twilight NEW PAGE!!! This is a page containing various arguements against Twilight, written by Arzim on

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