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[Some poems I wrote]

[The day that I open my eyes again]
As I lay down at night,
I close my eyes.
All I see is you,
But when I open them you aren't there.
I think about you every night,
Right before bed I close my eyes and open them,
Hoping that one day you will be right there when I open my eyes again...

[The day that I am gone]
The day I am gone,
You lay in bed thinking about what you did wrong,
It's not you I was just not strong enough to handle all this stress,
You always saw me sad and depress,
Don't get mad at your self go ahead take it out on me.
But I am soon to be dead out of your life,
This would be the last time you will hold a knife to my neck.
It is okay do not cry because you are already in my past.
I will never try to get back with you
Now forever you will be alone because I will not let you walk on me like I am dirt.
You always talked your crap to all of your home boys telling them how I am so imperfect,
Dude I was perfect, I was every guy's dream girl.

I am so glad your mine
Your so freaking fine
You are always on my mind
Oh what a long ride
It would be
You and me
Together forever
I will never forget this love
Nor move-on
In life without you
Never shall I shout at you
But instead I will hug and kiss you
I always miss you...

[Whoa ...]
When I first saw you
I thought it would be against the law,
For you to be so hot
I knew at first sight that I loved you a lot...

[Love Vs. Hate]
You said that you loved me.
But why do I feel so hated?
Why did I get shoved away so soon?
I thought it would be too late to say...
That I LOVE YOU...
But it is never too late is it?

[**/Baby Don't Cry\**]
Have not heard from him in days,
Wondering if everything is okay...
Pondering around hoping he will call,
Trying not to fall asleep.
Crying because you are so worried about him,
Hurried to the phone as it began to ring hoping it was him,
Answering the phone to hear nothing but a dial tone.
Now you fear something bad has happened to him,
The phone starts again you answer it just as before to hear your boyfriend's voice.
He says only four I love you,
Before he could finish you were already down on your knees on the floor.
Baby please don't cry everything is going to be alright.
He told you,
I will try to explain everything,
But not tonight.


You are my friend,
And always will be.

Through thick and thin,
Through blood and water.

From beginning to end,
We will be friends.

Till death departs us,
And both hands turn cold.

When flowers lay across ones chest,
With hands crossed over our hearts.

As the casket is closed,
And dirt falls over us.

This friendship shall never fade,
Instead it will continue to live.

These heavens shall bring both of us together,
Closer to each others heart.

[*One More Chance*]

If I had the chance to tell you that I am sorry for talking to you,
For even knowing you,
Well then I would be lying to you,
Because I was so happy to have a friend like you,
Till the day came and you wished me away.
You told me you hated me called me a back stabber,
Called me every word I didn't want to hear.
You made me cry,
You are telling me that I am not allowed to be happy with the person I am with.
Well I guess that I will have to tell you this maybe good bye for you,
But its also maybe good bye for life.

[One More Time]

If I could I would do anything just to see you smile one more time.
To see you happy once again.
To be a part of your life.
To have you say you are my best friend just one more time.
To be the one who sticks up for you when people are hating.
To just be there for you just one more time before good bye.

[*All I Feel*]

When I saw the light shine down on me
The skys bright
The rays warm
I felt my heart begin heal
I felt all my troubles begin to fade away
I felt my soul begin to be lifted from me
I felt all my problems begin to leave me behind
I felt my love for him start to grow
As for I knew he may never feel the same
I still tried to show him all my love
I hope for the best and keep my head up
And I feel that nothing can ever bring me down
I feel like I may be crazy ...
But at least I could say I had at least someone...
Who pretends or does love me

[steps to life]

Feel life can't be any harder
Things change fast
Growing up doesn't seem easy
So much responsibility put on your chest
Swinging two jobs trying to make it


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2006-04-11 [~*Llama18*~]: OMG Gurl!! These are bloody ExCeLlEnT!!!

2006-05-07 [imdaonlyone010]: thanx gurl

2006-05-16 [~*Llama18*~]: No Worries :D

2006-05-16 [imdaonlyone010]: Gurl i think i am giving up on poems because tony said he don't like them because they are hard to understand and that made me sad soo i kinda quit ... becasue they were mostly about him !!

2006-05-16 [~*Llama18*~]: OMG!! That shouldn't stop you from writing your poems! If he doesn't understand them then don't worry about it. Nothing should stop you from doing what you love! Just keep on going!! :D

2006-06-07 [Enneigard Rebirth]: GREAT POETRY! im good at poetry myself!

2006-06-07 [imdaonlyone010]: Ohh really ! Do you have a wiki for your poems ?

2008-06-27 [LUNASIC]: thats cool as hell

2008-06-27 [imdaonlyone010]: Thanks matt

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