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Elfpack is back! :D

Elfpack is finally back. It has been moved to a new server (together with Elftown) which took way more time than it should have taken due to me being away and crap happening.

I hope it will be up now though. Still some things to fix, but it should be usable now.

If you want to stay updated about Elfpack when it's down, join

There might also be related info on

Date: 2013-09-18 17:25:16
News #: 158
Reporter: Hedda

Chess Tournament!

Like chess? No? Too bad, Elfpack is having a chess tournament anyway. Head on over to chess tournament today and sign up!

If you enter this tournament, you can win any one of these fine, fabulous prizes:


First place will receive this finely sculpted, golden king.


Second place gets this okay, but not as great, silver bishop.


All participants will get this inexplicably sparkling brick, whether they like it or not.
(If you do not want this brick in your Elfpack house, simply provide your address and we'll promptly deliver a brick through your window.)

Also, you may or may not get 20 togs for participating! Most likely not though.

Date: 2013-08-12 17:30:45
News #: 157
Reporter: The Walrus

Happy Easter!!!

From the Queen of Elfpack

.........Happy Easter!

I do hope you enjoy all the Easter eggs and hot cross buns!
Enjoy the wee joke but most of all enjoy Easter, folks :D


Date: 2013-03-30 17:24:02
News #: 156
Reporter: Cerulean Sins

The New Queen of Elfpack!

After a close call in the polls, the vacant title of Queen of Elfpack has been filled by our well-known and much loved Public Relations Expert -- [Cerulean Sins]!

Also, congratulations to [sammie h!] and [Morgoth] who tied for second, and to [Deg] who gets third place honorable mention.

All prizes will be delivered right away. Thank you to everyone, and once again hail the new Queen of Elfpack!

Date: 2013-03-24 03:02:14
News #: 155
Reporter: Stephen
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