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BloodyAngelWings (don't pay attention to thei page its history)

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Name: Anna


What do you think? Take my poll and tell me. lol


this is what Zane and Mariana's daughter looks like in my story. Her name is cresena Ovina Pheremus and she's a siren.

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BeggarCrazy kid

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Character Name: Tala Morvin
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Siren
Kingdom: Kingdom of the sea
Description:Long dark brown hair that curls into ringlets down her back. Piercing chocolate eyes with a fair complextion. 5'3 and wieghs about 155 lbs.
Weapons and Clothing: A dagger she keeps in the inside seem of her boot for protection. wears tight black jeans and a blood red corset. A single silver cross hangs from her neck. She wears thigh high black boots that make her three inches taller. three silver bangles adorn her left wrist.
Powers/ Abilities:When she begins to hum men are totally underher control. They won't remember anything when she's done with them. When she begins to hum men begin to shake trying to fight it off but she knows that they can't.
Personality: There's one thing about her that no one would realize. She doesn't like to use her powers just to get what she wants. she can be as frail and fragile as they come. She some times likes to keep herself away from people. She thinks that getting too close to people could cause her to become weak and she'll begin to rely on other people instead of just on herself. She tends to be a loner and keeps herself far away from men. she doesn't want to control them just to feed her own desires.
Brief History: Not much is to know about her. Her history is a complete mystery. She doesn't share her past with anyone not matter how kind they are to her. She won't even share it now. You just have to find it out for yourself...

(Image deleted by the guards)

Name: Marina Celstia
Age: 15
Social Class: Slave(not by choice)
Race: Vampire/angel
Description: Marina has a lightly tan complextion. She has brown eyes and she has longrown hair. She stand at 5'3. She has a normal build and a huge smile on her face when she is around the people that she loves.a.k.a[Dark Thunder] lol. Her style is normally wearing loose fitting white shirts and tight black leather skirts. Wearing knees high boots with black tights. She is very sweet to people who are sweet back to her and she is very hard and cold to the people who want to get rid of her forever. Has dark violet wings that have a width of about six feet. Has a very playful nature. She loves to toy with mens mind into doing her bidding...
Abilities: Healing wounds, able to teleport, has a uniques sense of sight, smell, and hearing. She can hide herself from her enemies and become one with her surroundings. she is very seductive, and she may not be a siren but she has almost the same powers as one. When she begins to hum men are totally underher control. They won't remember anything when she's done with them.
Weapons: Daggers, her voice(only to men), and 2 sais.

(Image deleted by the guards)

Username: [BloodyAngelWings]
name: Cresena Ovina
race: Succubus
age: 723 looks 17
gender: female
Description: In human form Cresena is about 5'4 with long brown hair that hangs past her waist. She has deep piercing brown eyes and light tan complextion. she wears a short black skirt that ends at the middle of her thight and a tight deep red leather corset. In demon form her skin changes to a deep shiny bronze color. Her hair changes to a darker brown with ringlets cascading down her back and her eyes change to a dull emeral green color. She wears a form fitting white dress that ends at the beginning of her knee. and in every form she is always showing just the right amount of skin and cleavage to keep her men "minions" still intrested in her body. Her body is what you would call normal with her body wieghing in at 150 pounds.
powers/abilties: can control men and make them take care of her every care and whim.
personality: Cresena is a very heartless person. In her past she learned at a very young age that people come and go and the people you can control don't care about you. They are only around her because she controls them.
History: Cresena has lived a long life of nothing but death and destruction. She lived through a war that had good against evil. She was the one who told her men to go in that war and told them to fight for her. Cresena doesn't want to be this lifeless heartless person but its all she knows. All she sees is a person's back walking away from her and she has learned to accept that. She has learned to accept the dparture of others and when other's leave and don't come back. Thats what she's used.

Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 8

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-New York

Exact place of living: any where I want

Known languages

gothgrungeheavy metal
hip hoppoppunk

Other interests
bookscatschasing the preferred sex
poetryrole playingsinging

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 153

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