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Name: Gen.Jacob Smith Abiziad

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I am 54 years old man living in California. I am loving, caring, honest,romantic and shy person. My friends called me charming, funny, cheerful, passionate, humorous and friendly.I have fine personality and many interests like music, movies, art, dance, sports (tennis, swimming, soccer,baseball,volleyball etc). I like to learn new things, try new stuff, explore new place, enjoy everything life has to offer...Actually,I am looking for a serious long term relationship possibly leading to marriage, still believe true love exist in the world although maybe difficult to finding it out that real one is hard task. I desire the family life that full of loving, warm, caring, understanding, passionate, affectionate, romantic, respect, good conversation and discussing...even if there are some difference between me and my partner but both willing to improve relationship, willing to get compatible and willing to stay close to each other. My loving value is giving is more than receiving. "Actions speaks louder than words." TO LOVE AND BE LOVED, CARING AND UNDERSTANDING, SUPPORTING AND TRUSTING,AND ALWAYS BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER AND WILLING TO ADJUST ....
I am an independent, desire to having a warm caring loving family, share romantic life with my right person. Physical stuff is important, but the inner, value, personality, spirit, communication and sharing.I like laugh and joke around, and would like have FUN in a serious long term relationship, enjoy everyday and playful with my right person until growing up old.

Age: 55Year of birth: 1957Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 29

Gender: male

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: USA-California

Exact place of living: Los Angeles

Known languages

Skype Username: trueliovehurts

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes


Other interests
pornreligionrole playing
travellingwatching sportwriting

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 188

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