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Drunk-assSex-monsterCrazy kid

Hell, is a teenagers body. My name is Courtney.People also call me by a variety of names such as ; coco puff, ducky, court y-bean, Courtney in wonderland,Sir general Captain Crunch, the list goes on. I am a teenager in a wasteland everyone seems to call a world. Desperately trying to fit in and to find out who I really am, guess that is what every 17 year old is trying to do at this age. When i describe myself, I try to explain who I am the best way I can with out causing confusing. The thing is, is I don't really know who I am. When I used to try to describe myself, Id say 'I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes like anyone can at times , I am out of control at times that I don't know who I am anymore and at times hard to handle.I am stubborn, sarcastic if you truly think you can handle me than don't hit yourself on the door on the way out. ' I explained my self like that when i was 15 Over the years I have been able to explain myself a little better. I now describe myself as ' I'm aggressive but gentile, I am loving and caring. I have hard times and can go out of control. I get hurt easily and show a lot of emotion. I am a rugby player and have been kicked off the team three time for being violent. Now I am on the boys rugby team. People try to put me down but I just keep my head up and suck out the poison and spit it back. I am a acoholic, spend most of my time drunk. Makes things better. If you think you can handle me, than take your best shot. '

When you read this, please do not under estamate me I am not what I seem.

Age: 17Year of birth: 1993Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 20

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: Canada

Exact place of living: Under A rock

adult popalternativeclassical
gothheavy metalhouse
new ageprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
carschasing the preferred sexcooking
crime storiesdancingdisco
physicspoetryrole playing
singingsewingsnow scooters

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: thin

Height: 157

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