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Nicholas. (Mmm)

Member #55263 created: 2010-05-23 23:22:08Simple URL:   

Name: Gentlemen



[R]eliable [E]xcavation [D]emolition. We are RED.

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GuideAdventurerCrazy kid

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This home is under construction.

Formally known as [.That RED Engineer]

Ask me anything at

By the way, I'm a Gaiafag. Look for Left4DEAD - Ellis


Name's [Nicholas.], but my name is properly spelled as Nikolas. You can call me that, Nik, Nick, or Nicholas. I'm kinda new here, obv but this place seems interesting already. By the way, I don't have a working computer so everything will be done from my iPod Touch. Fun, ain't it?I'll talk to anyone. Don't be afraid, ask me anything. Guys, it's be helpful if you message me first. It's difficult doing everything from an iPod.

I won't bother posting my music. Just go to

It's kinda impossible to work this website when my iPod decides to open multiple windows of it on the same window over and over and over and OVER again. ... Plus I don't have the firmware to copy and paste yet. All codes in my 'house' are completely written by hand..

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Anti-Twilight Group

Age: 111

Gender: annoying kid

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: Travelling around

Exact place of living: Around the grounds of 2Fort

Known languages

Home-page URL: Wouldn't you strive for victory?

Weblog URL: Or rather fall and suffer?

Favorite URL: Let's be different, our own persona.

Skype Username: I'll help guide you. Until the end.

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

alternativegrungeheavy metal
houseprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
economicsplantsrole playing

Sexual preference: none

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