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DeathWillCome91 (anal seapage!)

Member #52672 created: 2008-08-22 20:42:00Simple URL:   

Name: Michael


its a very blury and old picture of me. but you get the basic idea.


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I smell really bad. And Bryony is better than me. And I want to lick Sam's face again. THREESOMES FTW!!!

Hi, Im Michael (aka

The Gothman


I am 18.
I go to a college. Obviosly...
I'm Very gothic.
I like Drinking..

I'm quite an easy going guy whos always up for a life and always ready to get drunk.
I am Taken So i WILL not go out with any of you.
Got it

my friends wrote the top bit so.......sorry.

my closest friends on elfpack are:

[De Rais]
[Cloud Natiion]
[I be THE MAT!]
[kid 666]
[Mr. Oogie Boogie]
[The Incredible Bulk]
[The Lost Boy]

my wikis are:

the yorkshire crew

(bass)guitar, i love my girlfriend to the grave, music (mainly black metal, doom metal, goth metal and industrial metal some molodic metal but thats because of my girlfriend), gigs, friends, alcohol, guiness, black clothes, new rocks, mathamatics (i love it strangely enough) and thats all i can think of right now

i like most genres of metal(apart from rap metal). to list a few band:
the 69 eyes, 1349, amorphis, celtic frost, children of bodem, CRADLE OF FILTH, CRUXSHADOWS, daath, death ss, DEATHSTARS (FAVOURITES), demons and wizards, dimmu borgir, disturbed, dope, edguy, elis, emperor, epica, for my pain, GOTHMINISTER, hurt, iron maiden, katatonia, korn, lordi, marilyn manson, ministry, mortiis, murderdoll, my dying bride, nadir, necromorticia, nightwish, opeth, ozzy osbourne, pain, paradise lost, placebo, psyclon nine, RAMMSTEIN, rob zombie, sabaton, SAMAEL, SATYRICON, sentenced, shape of despair, THE SIN:DECAY, slipknot, stone sour, STONEMAN, tristania, TURISAS, type o negative, vnv nation, WEDNESDAY 13, within temptation.

i have a mass phobia of emos. i will sit and talk civilly with one but if they start going emo on me i will rip them. sorry cant help it

Age: 19Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 6

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: hebden bridge, west yorkshire

Known languages

classicalgothheavy metal

Other interests
pornslackingwatching sport

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 175

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