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Fall Out Kid (i wanna love you)

Member #52045 created: 2008-05-31 03:20:57Simple URL:   

Name: Beck



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Drunk-assSex-monsterCrazy kid

okay, lets kick this off by saying this is [GlitchGames] a.k.a Mason Everette Caskey. I made this account for my good friend, Beck. She's a really awesome girl and you should
really talk to her ^^. I might write more here later but she needs to put stuff here first.
Good friend,

Mason made this for me when i was half asleep =P

Well im beck :)
i'm fourteen but everyone says i look ten and act four :)
i'm quite short but that just makes it easier sometimes :)
i love dying my hair :)
and my eye colour changes with my moods,
it freaks everyone out :)

I've been vegetarian for just over three years now :) trying to go vegan :)

Music is one of the biggest things in my life
i'm pretty much open to any type of music :)

30 seconds to mars, A fire inside, Aiden, ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, Angels and airwaves, Billy talent, Blink 182, BOWLING FOR SOUP, CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR, Elliot minor, ENTER SHIKARI, FALL OUT BOY, FEABLE WEINER, Frattelis, Go:audio, GOOD CHARLOTTE, Greenday, Gym class heroes, Head automatica, Hellogoodbye, JACK PENATE, THE KOOKS, Larikin love, Lost prophets, MADINA LAKE, MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, New found glory, PANIC! AT THE DISCO, Paramore, Pencey prep, Plain white t's, The red jumpsuit apparatus, Rise against, Scouting for girls, Simple plan, THE USED, THE VIEW, The wombats & YOU ME AT SIX

i also love art and photography :) i try to draw but i dont think it is very good =P and i want to be a photographer when im older :)

I love animals :)
i already have a cat, dog, bird, guinea pig, four tortoises and five fish. getting a lizzard soon though :D

i play too many videogames, im a nerd like that (H)

i'm not pretty :)
i'm really weird =P
i'm emotional =P
i have depression
i have panic attacks
i have OCD
i'm scared of everything
i'm paranoid
but thats what makes me who i am i guess :)

I like writing to help me cope with my emotions
even if it is just writing cunt over and over again :)
the stuff i write isn't very good but i don't plan on people seeing it :)

my TRUE friend mean everything to me
everyone says their friends are the best
but i love mine for who they are
i wouldn't change them for anything :)

i have my own style :)
just because i have thick rimed glasses and wear black doesnt mean i'm "emo"
dont called me emo or youll be in hospital mate (H)
call me beck or beejay if you know me =P

I'm inlove with someone who will never love me back </3

Piercings i want done:
Vertical Labret

Im sure you gave up reading this along time ago =P
Message me or whatever if you wanna talk (Y) i'm a nice person really :)

Age: 14Year of birth: 1993Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 4

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: your mum

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

Home-page URL: Fall

Weblog URL: Out

Favorite URL: Kid

heavy metalpoppunk

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 164

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