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Name: [kayla lynn lepley. <33]


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kayla lynn lepley.
thats my name get it in your head. other than my great smile i have a awesome personality.. i dont have many bestfriends but my one and only best friend is mina rea dunson whitehouse. shes been through everything with me. we wil be tight till the end. i love kids and babys there so cute.ive been hurt a lot and im in a relationship right now and i really dont want to get hurt.i'm single, and bisexual. you know what i relizzed.. that it dont matter if you break up with someone or that someone breaks up with you either way you get hurt. somtimes you just have to put a smile on your face and pretend your isnt olways easy theres hard times and bad times.EVERYBODY has problems. No one is perfect.people get in fights, it happens no regrets.. i Have brown eyes and brown blonde idk hair lol. its OKAY if you Call me a blond i get that alot. i look like my mom alot but not the same. you might mistake a picture of my mom for me. i laugh alot i rarly ever cry. so if you make me cry then you really hurt me. i dont really like preps cause there so anoyying when they talk they all sqeeky and Crap i dont really like it when people yell. even though im olways yelling. i got a big mouth so dont get saprised when i yell at you haha.i abesoulutly love my family they mean everything. LOVE me HATE me either way your thinking about ME.

aim- milkchocolatelol
kayla babez.

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: sumo

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