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CHAOS. ([polygraph, right now.♥] )

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[ I'm ] Chaos. [ And ] I [ taste ] like [ bananas ] dipped [ in ] battery [ acid. ] I [ numb ] your [throat ], too.♥

[Scene One: Meet Benny.]

Benny is the name. I'm a bisexual. I'm seventeen years of age. I'm currently single.
I'm pretty tall. I think I need to lose weight. I get called "hot" and "beautiful" all the time, though I don't believe it. I am a vegetarian. I am considered emo, though I am not, I'm just me. I have a sister, her name is Mally. (aka: [keepbleeding;])I am adopted. I love music. Musical intrests? moosik. [& I secretly worship Kiba Inuzuka. ^_^]

[Scene Two: What Benny Loves.]

I love gummy bears. I love boys. I love girls. I love animals. I love being me.
I love to dance randomly in public. I love music. I love stuffed animals. I love horror movies. I love making friends.

[Scene Three: What Benny Hates.]

I hate preppy bitches. I hate school. I hate drama. I hate mexican food.

[Scene Four: What Benny Wants.]

I want to find someone in life that will love me for me, and always be there for me. I want to do something. I want to go somewhere new.

[Scene Five: What Benny Does Not Want.]

I do not want to be alone forever.

[Scene Six: Closing.]

I'm a pretty nice guy; loyal, funny, outgoing, nice. I love to meet new people, so message me, if you'd like. :]
I also have AIM, add me: JuicyVonSlasher

Amazing people!

[Jessegore'] She's such a sweetheart. yeah, she's pretty much amazing.
[cooter davenport.] Joshieee. I love him. He knows exactly how to make me smile.
[BrickByBoring Brick] RAWR. yeah, uhm yeah your just awesome like that.
[nick is fr3$h.] he's hot. hahah.
[Jade, be Ambitious] we don't talk much, but she's amazing.
[Berrit-knee nicol3] Brittany. She is seriously like, the best person I've met in a long damn time. She's a cutie pie, too.
[Uchiha Sasuke.] I'd like to kidnap him. Shhh.
[.:t a s h a\\..x] WOOOH. she's hot. haha. and nice.
[DEAD!] Ryan..he's a sweetie. I love him. :]
[Doogle!] Thats Sarah. She's amazing. Pure fucking amazing. Yeah, be jealous.
[samantha michellee.] EEEEEEP It's Bunny! Shes my bodyguard. Mess with me? Yeah..uh yeah you'll just uhmm..have to deal with her. :]
And saving the best for last.
[Williammmmm;] I love him. I really do. He's so beautiful, and he's amazing. He's my hugmuffin. []

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Gender: male

alternativeheavy metalprogressive metal

Other interests

Sexual preference: both sexes

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