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ello there00 ([waiting to be proved boys are not all the same])

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Name: Kelsey[]


Me <3


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AdventurerCrazy kid



Hello, Sunshine!

Me llamo Kelsey. I'm 17.

I'm a lazy, laid back kid that doesn't care too much at all about anything so I lead a simple life :D wanna talk hit me up on msn/aim lmao idk. I am a Junior in high school, but I will be starting college next year. I love learning new things. I am one of those people that must try almost everything once, and if I like it.. I may even do it again :D I love the outdoors when it's not winter time. I love the area I live in because there are SOOO many places to go swimming, camping, fishing ((yes, I can bait my own hooks and de-fish them, too.)), mudding, hiking, etc. I cherish my friends, and I hate disown the majority of my family. I love a select few, and the rest I'm not all that worried about...

lets see...

I have come to the realization that I am a compulsive liar. (or maybe i've known but hid it). For all you know, I could be lying to you right now. Heck, everything I could have said already could all be false. Maybe I lie about lying to bring up more lies. It's like it never stops. Or did it ever begin really? Am I lying? Hmmm. Moving on.

I am single.

sometimes happiness doesn't lie
with those who know you best,
but with those who don't know
you at all.

I live life day by day, and try to not focus on the past too much. I take it, and move on with my life. No reason to dwell on something that's too late to fix. Anyways, I'm not here to bore you. So yeah..

I've been asked to show my body.
So here it is.
Sorry to upset you if
I don't fit your standards.


Yes, I am Plus Size.

go ahead.
call me fat.
call me ugly.
Nothing I haven't heard before.


I have given you the chance to ask me 4 questions.
They can be as private as you'd like.
I will have to answer completely honest, no ands, ifs, or buts.

I took and edited this picture :D

Toga Parties = Love

I'm on right.

CC and I -- 2 Years Ago.
Thanks Julie for the picture. lol.
[Don't ask. And yes, It's a wig.]

Rules on Messages:

-Please refrain from just a simple Hey message. Get a decent conversation starter and I will love to talk to you.

-Please stay away from the terms babe, baby, sweetheart, hunny, etc. I am not any of those to you.

-Please try and use correct grammar. I am sick and tired of having to re-configure sentances to understand them.

-Speaking of understanding, do me a favor and do not talk lYk Di$$. Thank you.
I wish to not take time to figure out what the hell it is you wrote.

-Do not bother to ask for my number right away. If I wanted you to have it, I would have posted it on here.

-I do not wish to cyber, phone sex, or anything like that. And I also do not wish to be sent any pictures of your goods. Save it for someone who cares.

That Pretty Much Sums It Up. :D

'There's no point in holding onto something that is already gone.'

Age: 17

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Minnesota

Exact place of living: BFE

alternativecountryfolk music

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 173

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