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Kaite (Happy Holidays!)

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Name: Kaite


Outside the recruitment office - my first pic as an official Airman.


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- 04.17.2009 -
- I'm home from the Air Force. It's a long ass story that I'd rather not talk about. Yeah, another one.

- 12.09.2008 -
- It's done. I was sworn in by a retired Army Colonel, and my paperwork is all signed and ready to go. Then on the ride home I got a 300+ dollar speeding ticket. Go me.

- 11.14.2008 -

As of yesterday, my ship date was moved up to the 20th of January. I'll finish basic March 20th, leave for tech school April 6, and finish tech school May 26th. :)

- 11.07.2008 -

No, I'm not typoing my name. In an effort to find my individuality and maturity, I reversed the i and the t in Katie. It's still pronounced the same though. :) I picked my job for the Air Force - 3a051. That's Information Management, for those of you who aren't familiar with the codes. I leave for Basic on the 23rd of Feb, and I'll be back in May. This means I will likely not be online during that time period, but I promise to remember to make myself available again once I'm done hugging my laptop to death!! :P

- 11.04.08 -

So I finally got my crap straight for the USAF, and I took my ASVAB and physical yesterday. My enlistment ceremony is tentatively scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving, so we'll see. In the meantime, I've started a business with a local friend of mine, so if you want to get married in Central Texas, look us up! DK Event Coordinators!

[A]ge: 23
[B]irthday: November 23rd
[C]olour: Cerulean Blue
[D]ream: Cartographer
[E]xtra Info: Much Love To My Dale
[F]riend: Dale, Shawn, Chuck, Christina, Phred, Kelly (A Guy!), Ryan...
[G]rade: Eleventy-none
[H]appiest Moment: Looking At My Son For The First Time
[I]m Always: Humming
[J]ealous Of: Sue's Uber Job Of DOOM!
[K]illed: Fruit Flies
[L]ocation Of Home: Texas
[M]ood: Loving
[N]ickname: Little Bobbin
[O]bbsession: WoW
[P]roud Of: Michael Learning How To Read
[Q]uestion: Why Would Anyone Want To Get Married?
[R]estaurant: The Kettle
[S]how: Scrubs
[T]alent: People Skills
[U]nique Ability: Being Cute
[W]orst Nightmare: Hitting The Ground After Falling
[X]xcited About: Seeing My Boy Soon! 
[Y]ummy Foods: Mashed Potatos, Tuna Salad :)
[Z]odiac: Sagitarius

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Age: 24Year of birth: 1984Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 23

Gender: female

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: USA-Texas

Exact place of living: Killeen, Texas

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Civil status: live together with partner

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 170

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