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emo_dino_forever (R.I.P. The Rev. =[)

Member #50883 created: 2008-01-19 02:45:13Simple URL:   

Name: Janine




"I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly.
It's hard to say that I'd
Rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
Cause everything is never as it seems."
*Owl City: FireFlies*

[DC + JH]

Name: Janine
♥.loves DAKOTA!.♥
.love bright colors.
.love my friends.
.music is everything.
.hate Fake ppl.
.love Zebras.
.love my IPOD.
[.i support GAY pride!!.]

'bout me:
Wooh i decided to re-do this^^. so Hi. I'm a SENIOR and im excited that this is my last year. I have a boyfriend Mr.D i love him so. ^^
2010 is the best year ever. But i'm bubbly, and can be pissed off at times when ppl say the WRONG thing. I'm a nice person to talk to^^. just dont add me as a friend and say "Hey sexy." cuz i'll Eff you up. -grr-


[Favs. People in the WORLD!! AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!]
♥ Synyster Gates - 7th July 1981 - lead guitar ♥
♥ Zacky Vengeance - 11th December 1981 - rhythmn guitar ♥

Main Fav. Bands:
.The Medic Driod.


Up Coming Concerts:
.Trans-Siberian Orchestra.*Dec.5,2009*

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Age: 18

Known languages

Weblog URL: InLoVeWiThAbOy

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

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