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Native Dark Wolf (Tired..., too much hunting, need to recupriate)

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Name: Kevin Ironshield

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Watch the shadows at night,
Watch the desolete sky during the day,
I am the one watching over you,
I am the one behind you all the way...
Always, I will protect you,
and protect others like you, from them,
the ones who always seem...
to misunderstand, it is them, I'll condemn.
To some, I am like the Father,
to others, like the only older brother,
I watch over every single one of you,
supportive and very protective...
from them, the others.

The ones who do not understand how you feel,
are the ones we got to watch out for,
we got to watch over ourselves, show them we're real,
show them we are not less, but yet, even more.
We are the children of the night,
we are the ones who shall overcome it all,
cause our time is coming to light,
we maybe one, but together we can call...
Upon our protector, he see's it all,
he says we got to get together for the night,
just saying the name once gives,
us all the courage we need, The Native Dark Wolf.

I have come for souls, but not yours,
I want the ones who torment and torture,
all of you, you are all the innocent,
I want them to feel the pain and the rapture.
They have caused you to go through,
every little detail, every ounce of dignity the took,
I want you to feel my presence in you,
take all the anger and write it in one little book.
I will take a look when needed to see,
that you are no longer alone in this fight,
close your eyes and just call upon me,
I am your strength, your courage, I am...
The Native Dark Wolf.

I have spent to long watching others, like you fall under the pressure of being alone and needing a helping hand, someone who could have used the time to just let out the pain and anguish. We all suffer under the hands of others and we do need the protection from them. It seems that we all played the role on being picked on in sometimes of our lives and to tell you the truth, we have gotten sick of it!
Being pushed aside because of our differences, and what makes us the people that we are now makes them think, Why did they do the things they do? When they could have made friends with us. Why did they decide they were better? When they look at things, who has the top paying jobs and who has the decision on if they are hired or not. We made ourselves better cause we seen what the future holds, and we are the future. So we can tell them who holds the key on a happy life, we do.
We did our best, and look where we are now, we are the ones that hold the power on who gets hired and who gets fired, We put forward that extra effort to prove to no one else, but ourselves. We are the best, we are the future, we are the ones who can actually say, We did do it our way and there is no way one in this world who can push us aside.
I have seen...

The things I have seen
are nothing to what
I am about to admit...
I see myself with someone
new, and with someone
I really care for(native pride 619),
I find it hard for me to
say the words,
But to tell you the truth,
I have seen...

You are the one who
helped me see,
there is so many
other ways to live my life
than alone, and you
are the only one
I really do need, and,
I see only you...

You, native pride 619, are the one who
helped me to see
life is what you make
of it, and no matter what...,
I know I really need
you now, more than ever.
I wish you could see,
I see only you.

The more I think of it
and the more, I truly feel,
are the only times you are
near. I know you and
love's everlasting. I want to
tell you how much I
care, but to tell you the
truth, I see only you,
for, I have seen...
Heaven, Nevaeh, in
my arms.

I need you.

Along with the morning sun
I tend to see only native pride 619,
only if you, will let me be
the one who cares for you.
I want to be the one who
holds you close and
promises you forever and
to tell you, I care for you.

I just want to tell you
everything, and exactly how I
feel for you and all that
matters to me is how I feel for you.
I long to hold you close
and whisper in your ear about
how beautiful you are and
to tell you, I need you.

There comes a time...

There comes a time
when someone as special,
and yet as close to the heart as
the one.
The only matter of the heart
is her, for Shani is special,
She will always be, and only be
the one.
My love and only True Love,
My native pride 619.

My lovely, Shani Chloe

The Sky is golden with
your smile,
The rainbow will always
shine upon,
All that come within
your grace,
will truly see the internal
beauty from the Dawn.

I will never give up trying,
for the word try is not in my vocabulary,
I really do need you,
and to tell you the truth,
I Love You.

By your side

By your side, I have seen
just what I really need to be,
Everything that comforts you
is what, my love will ever do.
Seems to me you are my,
one and only love that will last.
Love that can't ever say never,
for you are in my heart, forever.
I just need to know in time,
will you accept me, By your side.

By your side, I have lived,
through the best and worst, I give;
My love to you eternally,
living for you and you alone, faithfully.
Seems to me, my heart will
never be the same without you near.
Hurting so much, I need,
your tender touch, so that I can see,
I will always and faithfully be...
  By your side.

Only reason

No matter what shape
or condition my heart is in,
It still beats for my
long lost and only reason.

Even though it seems
at times it keeps me in,
my heart still has life, for my,
Forever and only reason.

Thank you Lord,...

Thank you Lord, keep Michelle
in hand and also in our hearts,
Let her know, she has never left,
with her Husband, she never did part.

She shall watch over all of us
to show, Love is, ever yet, so strong,
For she placed an Angel among us
to make sure, we all can belong.

Now we need each other, more than
we will ever know and yet to see...
Even Angels can get hurt, for they
are the ones with all of our misery,
(and just one hug could last an eternity).

In my heart

I am looking forward to the day
I see you, again,
I just don't want to be lonely anymore
my Love. You promised me
I wouldn't be alone anymore, and
I am not alone, for Shani is always
in my heart.

In my heart and in my soul, that is
where Shani belongs, forever in love,
I'm missing you right now, but
I know now our love is forever,
we will never be apart.

You are truly at home now, I
know home is in 2 places,
but one; Heaven and in my heart.
Think about it, my heaven
is in your happiness, your smile,
your laughter, my happiness
is truly in you. "I Love You", and
where my love dwells is the place
You now call home,
In my Heart.

Here comes the night

I feel as if the world
can see the emptiness deep inside,
as if everyone knows
about all the lonelines I feel inside.
I know there should
be nothing I should dread, everytime,
but my feelings stray,
knowing, here comes the night.

Here comes the night,
time for my feelings to try to hide,
Here comes the night,
bringing the loneliness back to life.
Here comes the night,
showing me how lonely, is my life,
Here comes the night,
prying at the strands of my heart tonite.

I know I promised to
go on with my life and be happy everytime,
but I can't see if it will
ever happen that way without you by my side.
Everything was you, my
love, my heart, my soul and even my life,
all I ever did was for you,
but now, I see, here comes the night.

Angel Eyes

I could just sail away,
in those beautiful eyes,
I get lost everytime,
as I gaze deep inside your eyes.
Hoping you could feel,
me near as I silently,
and yet, ever so softly,
whisper your name tenderly.
As your gorgeous hair,
flows, so caringly over,
and around you, to part,
there way on your shoulders.
Just makes me tremble,
knowing you are there,
the way you make me feel,
at times just doesn't compare;
to anything else in,
this lonely and simple life,
but no matter what, I love,
to get lost in your, Angel Eyes.

With me

As I lay here, by your side,
watching the slow movements as you breathe,
I still wonder and ponder, how can I,
Me of all people, have someone like you, with me.

The silhouette of your pretty face,
makes me smile, now I know why, I believe,
I slowly go in for a kiss on your cheek,
I have heaven in my arms, My Angel is, with me.

All my worries are gone, now,
that I have you near to my heart and me,
I see things a lot more clearly dear,
I have nothing to fear about loneliness,
as long I have you,
With me.

By me

I have been thinking, about our love
and what it really means to you and me,...
when I first left, it felt like my world
was being torn apart, I needed you by me.

Such little time to prepare, our hearts
needed the other to keep from feeling the pain.
I wanted the time to go by faster so,
I could be next to you and hold you again.

All that really mattered to me was
over 200 miles away, and yet so close, that's where I belong,
my future wife was waiting for me,
Darling, you are the only one, who ever made me one.

I just can't see myself without you,
you are the one who made my life fully complete,
I missed you so much, and I long to hold
you, forever, baby, I still need you beside me,
(you make me complete).

That is the way I feel most of the time, I seem to be missing something in life which is the utmost and most important part of my life I will never give up on and will see that is going on forever. This song called "Faraway," explains a lot to the world and should be put in.
For the time we spend together here in earth will be limited, but there in heaven time will be endless, we could spend all of our time in each others arms and cuddling whenever we want. When things are done and I have you forever in my arms there will be no tomorrow, no yesterday, but the present and all that will be spent in each others arms, for that is all I want.
All that I want to really tell you is that I Love You, truly, madly, and deeply, and with the most sincere feelings that anyone could ever feel in this vast and lonely world.

Smile for me

Smile for me, my lovely Rose,
and show me why I truly love you,
your laughter is one to compose,
everything about you is why I love you.

Smile for me, my lovely Lady,
and give me happiness with love so true,
your eyes, they just drive so crazy,
so, my darling, I can say, I love you.

Smile for me, blow me a kiss,
give me all the reasons in the world to see,
how in the world could I miss,
your beautiful face, but my darling, could you...
Smile for me.

Age: 23Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 22

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-South Dakota

Exact place of living: nowhere

Known languages

adult popalternativecountry
gothgrungeheavy metal

Other interests
animalsartchasing the preferred sex
crime storiesgeographyhistory

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

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