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xXAddictedXx (xX Lets start thing over.Xx)

Member #50546 created: 2007-12-12 03:52:15Simple URL:   

Name: clay


xX Its called withdrawl,and believe me its no funXx


Photo: Matt Manson

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Drunk-assCrazy kid

Im realy a sensitive kid although i ca be a hrd ass. chances are im gana hate you. but if you htink your good enough give it a shot send a message. i love skating and will skate till i die. i hate posers and fakes. if all your gana do is talk shit to me then fuk off.

    Xx The cancer feels o'so goodXx

you know alot of people tell me they like me alot more when im sober
and the truth is

im young
im alone
and lifes to hard
mind as well light up that blunt while i still can
slam that bodle of vodka
pass out
and forget it all, if only for a few hours
no matter the cost
wrather its a hang over
or a burn out
a caugh in the bong is only another lie in life
another shot is only another memorie
and we can aford alot
drugs only enhance the experiance
they only make that moment suspend in time for a second loger
and ill tell u one thing
the cancer feels so good baby

*** a silent scream***

these walls have eyes
these walls have ears
they hear me
(screams)out of pain
(screams) your acid tears
(screams) rolling down your cheeks
(screams)from your eyes of broken hearts
(screams)its eating my soul
i wisher to gohsts
(screams)i whisper to gohsts
i wisher to gohsts
(screams)i whisper
(whispers)my deapest darkest secrets fears
(whispers)the lies that have built up over the years
(whispers)the tears that have built up in my eyes
(whispers)and fell from the moring blood stained skys
(quiet)i whisper (echo scream) i whisper
(mediam)i whisper (echo scream) i whisper
(loud) i whisper (echo scream) i whisper
(scream) i scream!!<-- (hold "scream")
(creapy) out my feelings,i am dieing
(creapy) out my feelings,my last words
(creapy) out my feelings,i am dieing
(creapy) out my feelings,my last words
(stressed)im disoling, through the pain
(stressed)i am dieing, every day
(stressed) im disolving, through the pain
(stressed)i am dieing, evry day
(quite)good bye
(quiter) i'll
(veary quiet) miss
(super quite) you
   *(gun shot)*
     writin by, yours truley
i write songs hard rock scremo songs. if your wondering the thins in "()" are how it sounds and vice diolect. if it says"(scream)" u scream it not like a pussy girl thats getting her tits fucked out of her, like an atreyu, hawthorne heights, underoath, fron first to last scream. in "A SILENT SCREEM" theres alot of wierd creapy voices, and voices that start lod and get quite or the opisite. i know its kinda hard to understand how it realy sounds like but hey i try. it sounds preaty goo in real life if u pernounce it right. and yes the song ends with me killing my self. hehe always fun.. slright well i gto a whole noat book full adn i think that ones the best so there u go have fun critisising my pain and work.

xXim ready for youXx

im lost in the though of your eyes
im waiting for the right time
to take these pills
and forget these memories
but when I come down
I know my problems wont be gone
You'll still be there
And ill still be here
Im wainting for your voice
To pierce the night
Tell me you love me
Tell me you want me
Tell me it will be ok
Tell me I wont die alone
In this world theres happiness and pain
Pain is a combination
Of what you need and what you want
But if you cant,
You can't have what you need
Then you might go crazy
Crazy over some one or some thing
I'm waiting for you
But I can't hold on to you for ever
Will this work?
Or will we fail?
I wish it would work
Distance is no fun
When you begun to tell your self
She's the one
I love her
I care for her
I trust her
These memories are insane
The distance is far
And all we have is words

Age: 20Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 12

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Minnesota

Exact place of living: lakeville

Known languages

heavy metalprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
beerchasing the preferred sexdrinks

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

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