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ѕσρнιιу. .єяє. ƒяєє. n. .ѕιιηgℓє (luffs life nd evri fink in it)

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Name: SOPHiiY [ѕιιηgℓє]...χχ


chang3iin fac3s of m3 .....x


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H3LLO D3R PPL.............!




50 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew...]

1. dont tell us when you think other girls are hot.
[2. whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.]
3. if you dont act like soap-opera guys, dont expect us to dress like Victoria Secret models.
[4. mark anniversaries on a calendar.]
5. there is no such thing as too much spooning.
[6. we think about you all the time.]
7. this is how we see it . . . Don't call = Don't Care.
[8. which also means that if we dont call, take the hint.]
9. we like you to be a little jealous . . . but overly possessive is not necessary.
[10. being able to make us laugh is so much more important than how much you can bench-press.]
11. return favors: we massage, you massage; we go down, you go down; we shave, you shave.
[12. foreplay is not an option . . . its a prerequisite.]
13. we're allowed to be late . . . you are not.
[14. eye contact is key.]
15. dont take longer to get ready than we do.
[16. laugh at our jokes.]
17. three words . . . honesty, honesty, honesty.
[18. girls can be groupies. guy groupies are stalkers.]
19. we never have to wonder if your orgasm was real.
[20. do not start with us. you will not win.]
21. would you like it if a guy treated your sister that way? we didnt think so.
[2. if you ask nicely, we usually answer the same way.]
23. we will never have enough clothes or shoes.
[4. we have an excuse to act bitchy at least once a month.]
25. open the door for us no matter where we are . . . even at our house and getting into the car.
[26. we love surprises!]
27. we liked to be kissed softly, not with an iron tongue.
[28. pay attention to the little things we do, because they mean the most.]
29. boxers and maybe boxer briefs sometimes . . . NEVER whitey-tighties!
[30. clean your room before we come over.]
31. always brush your teeth before you see us . . . a fresh mouth and white teeth are a necessity.
[32. when we use our teeth it means that you suck at going down on us, so we are just returning the favor.]
33. even though you are sometimes insensitive and hurt us, we still love you with everything we are.
[34. dont act hard around your friends because i wont make you hard tonight.]
35. sometimes "NO!" really means "NO!"
[36. "Wife Beaters" are not an adequate form of fashion.]
37. if we wanted to be on video tape, we'd be a porn star not your girlfriend.
[38. sensitive guys are great . . . but crying more than we do in a movie just isnt right.]
39. dont let ex-girlfriends cause drama, relationships are stressful enough.
[40. it takes a special kind of stupid to forget birthdays.]
41. guys who are good cuddlers = guys who know how to satisfy a woman.
[42. "Fat Chicks" have feelings too.]
43. silent treatment, shoulder shrugs, tears, yelling and nasty looks all add up to . . . YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG!
[44. the excuse "I can't dance" is unacceptable . . . we'll appreciate the simple fact that you're trying.]
45. just because a girl doesnt pick up on the first ring doesnt mean shes not waiting by the phone.
[46. you dont have to spend a lot, if it means a lot.]
47. dont say you love me if you dont mean it. when we say it we mean it
[48. dont lie to us . . . we will catch you.]
49. just because your tired doesn't mean you can blow us off like we are nothing.
[50. when the girls get together, we talk about EVERYTHING. Meaning my best friends know everything about you.]


-You realize most pyramids aren't built in Egypt.
-You know buckets, candlesticks and blades are not made in metal.
-When you think Liberty you're not talking about the statue!
-You can build without a hammer and nails.
Your parents are considering buying stock in sponge rollers.
You can go down the hallway doing facial expressions.
-You write cheers when you should take notes in class.
-You hear part of your routine music on the radio and you break out into your dance moves.
-When you say 'ready' in a sentence, your hands clasp.
-Your friends tell you stop yelling while you talk.
-You cheer in gym class.
-You know flying isn't just for the birds anymore.
-After 8 you count "1, 2, 3, 4".
-When you see a girl you don't know, you think "I could base her".
-Your tricep is the biggest muscle you have.
-Your fingers are stuck together and your arms automatically go back to your sides when you relax.
-Your voice alone can be heard over a crowd.
-You know Scorpion isn't a bug and a bow & arrow doesn't really have to do with hunting!
-You can fall from over 10ft into the gym floor and still have a smile on your face and be ready to stunt again.
-You get up at 8am for practice!
-A 'clasp' isn't just a hair accessory.
-Your geometry in math class is; formations, pyramids, sidelines and figuering how 20 girls can produce five extensions.
-You have more sports bras that Footlocker!
-You're a flyer and when you see your backspot in school, instead of giving her a hug and saying hi you run up to them and yell "CRADLE".
-Your life is starting to remind you of a scene from "Bring It On".
-L or K can go forwards and backwards!
-You know one more time never means one more time.
-You go out in public wearing practice clothes, and wonder why people look at you funny.
-When one team mate gets sick, you all get sick.
-You can change into your uniform anywhere, including the back of a moving bus and in the middle of a hallway.
-People ask about bruises you didn't even know you had.
-Your soffe shorts are you favorite piece of clothing.
-"Practice makes Perfect" isn't just a saying, its a way of life!

give her one of your sweat shirts to sleep in.

• leave her cute text notes.

[• kiss her in front of your friends.]

• tell her she looks beautiful!!!!!!

[• look into her eyes when you talk to her.]

let her mess with your hair.

[• touch her hair.]

• just walk around with her.

[• FORGIVE her for her MISTAKES.]

• look at her like she`s the only girl you see!!!!!!

[• tickle her even when she says stop.]

• hold her hand when you`re around your friends.

[• when she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her!!!!!!]

• let her fall asleep in your arms.

[• get her mad, then kiss her.]

• tease her and let her tease you back.

[• stay up all night with her when she`s sick.]

• watch her favorite movie with her.

[• kiss her forehead.]

• give her the world.

[• let her wear your clothes.:)]

• when she`s sad, hang out with her.

[• let her know she`s important.]

• let her take all the photos she wants of you.

[kiss her in the pouring rain.]

• when you fall in love with her, tell her.

[• and when you tell her, love her like you`ve never loved someone before]

~18 tips about girls~
[1. If you like Her .. ASK HER OUT already.]
2. when you hug her, put YOUR ARMS around her WAIST and hold her close.
[3. when you WALK next to her, get as CLOSE as you can to her.]
4. if she's the only one in your life, TELL HER.
[5. ALWAYS let her know how much you like her, love her, or think about
6. give her presents and cards for no reason, SHE WILL RETURN THE
[7. if she hangs up on you, call her right back.]
8. always offer to pay, if she says NO twice, then let her pay but
make a deal that you get to pay next time (date offer too!).
[9. kiss her lightly every chance you get.]
10. look in her eyes and kiss her on the lips, forehead, or nose.
[11. if she says she's cold, don't be an idiot and say "me too" and
stand there, give her your jacket or just simply hold her in your arms.
12. don't force her to do anything she's not comfortable with
[13. invite her to dinner or somewhere where you can talk, instead of
the movies.
14. try not to ask her if she's mad at you EVERY TIME you speak to her.
[15. Always tell her you LOVE her only if you really mean it.]
16. DON'T pressure her to do anything she isnt READY to do. When she is
ready, she will let you know. She just wants everything to be more SPECIAL
and PERFECT. So appreciate what she does do with you.
[17. DON'T' go and tell your friends anything that happens between you
two, cause it will hurt her and make her mad...and it will NEVER happen
18. Call her .. girls love to be called or just send little text messages to them, this will make them think about you all day !!!

Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 4

Gender: female

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: United Kingdom-Wales

Exact place of living: BARRii BABii-XOX

Known languages

hip hophousenew age

Other interests
watching sportwhisky

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 173

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