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Pixie Scene (Looking for a girl to join me and my husband :D)

Member #48322 created: 2007-06-04 20:22:41Simple URL:   

Name: Pixie Scene




bella vita

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Crazy kid

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I have awsome hair! It has been almost every color and will be another color soon. I'm 5'4.I love to hang with my friends and just party and live life to the fullest! I am very unorganized and i don't like to get up in the morning. I sometimes hate myself and my friends.I have to say that even though my life can suck sometimes I wouldn't change it for the world!I am completely in LOVE with the band H.I.M.And if you don't like that fuck you :]




Just Breathe
The Midnight air will do you well
I miss your taste, I miss your smell
The past mistakes that brought you here
Il break the fall for you my dear
Il ask the nurse for bandages
And send me on my way

Rescue me
From everything
I just wanna live
I wish I could breathe

Every other day
I sit and wait for the same bad news
Can you hear me say
I've got nothing left to lose
Someone please start making sense
And board the door for rats again
I've seen the worst case scenario
Slowly letting go

Rescue me
From everything
I just wanna live
I wish I could breathe

Rescue me
From everything
I just wanna live
I wish I could breathe

Rescue me
From everything
I just wanna live
I wish I could breathe
Rescue me
From everything
I just wanna live
I just wanna breathe

Rescue me
From everything
I just wanna live
I wish I could breathe

Rescue me
From everything
I just wanna live
I wish I could breathe


I just have to say that I hate Insane Clown Posse[or however you spell it!] They are the gayest band ever!

Bands I Like

The Medic Droid,Metro Station,Sarah Mattea,Scotty Vanity,Jeffery Star,Hellogoodbye,Ziggy Stardust,David Bowie,My Chemical Romance, Pency Prep,Misfits,Black Flag,Morrissey,At The Gates,Descendents,Pantera,Randy Rhoads,Stevie Ray Vaughan,Slash,Jimi Hendrix,Metallica(Kirk Hammett),Jimmy Page,Midtown,Nirvana,Blink 182,Creed,A.F.I.,Onelinedrawing,Thrice,Armor For Sleep,The Used,Papa Roach,P.O.D,Hoobastank,The All-American Rejects,Smashing Pumpkins,Bjork,Senses Fail,The Killers,Finch,THe Donnas,Matchbook Romance,Hope Of The Streets,Face To Face,Jawbreaker,Saves The Day,The Bouncing Souls,None More Black,Taking Back Sunday,Incubus,Green Day,Sum 41,Velvet Revolver,Social Distortion,Chevelle,Coheed Cambria,The Banner,Like Yesterday,Linkin Park,Killswitch Engage,Static Lullaby,Underoath,Saosin,Second State,Bleed The Dream,Opiate For The Masses,Brand New,Alkaline Trio,The Starting Line,Fall Out Boy,Straylight Run,Flogging Molly,Audioslave,Foo Fighters,Jimmy Eat World,Motley Crue,Queens Of The Stone Age,Transplants,Naked Raygun,The Offspring,Pearl Jam,Reggie,The Full Effect,The Flaming Lips,Billy Idol,Arcade Fire,Taint,The Honoray Title,The Ataris,Tool,Massive Attack,Rosehill Drive,Head Click,Action Action,The Academy Is..,1997,Avenged Sevenfold,Plus 44,Angels And Airwaves,Something Corporate,Sugarcult,Shiny Toy Guns,Cartel,NoFx,Unwritten Law,MxPx,Muse,Red Hot Chili Peppers,New Found GLory,The Fuck Ups,311,Boxcar Racer,Less Than Jake,Crossfade,Funeral For A Friend,Shinedown,Panic! At The Disco,Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Death Cab For Cutie,Hawthorne Heights,Madina Lake,THree Days Grace,Nickleback,Sick Puppies,Bowling For Soup,Boys Like Girls,Slipknot,Aiden,Atreyu,Puddle Of Mudd,Lamb Of God,Kill Hannah,There For Tomorrow,Blue October,Rise Against,Loren Battle,Rotting Stiffs,Breaking Benjamin,THe Maine,Black Tide,30 Seconds To Mars,Bloodhound Gang,The Spill Canvas,Bullet For My Valentine,Yellowcard,The Darts,Paramore,Augustana,THe Implodes,The Almost,Reinventing Yesterday,Sleep Serapis Sleep,Moments Lost In Tragedy,Gutted With Broken Glass,Comerica,Again And Again,Owl City,Dear Geppetto,Me3Mind,Jake Simmons,Anti-Flag,Bush,Stone Temple Pilot,The Veronicas.

Age: 20Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Exact place of living: coloma

Known languages
Sign LanguageCzechDutch

Home-page URL: I

Weblog URL: Love

Favorite URL: You

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

heavy metalhip hoppop

Other interests
bookscarschasing the preferred sex
crime storiescybersexdancing
pornrole playingsinging
slackingsmokingsnow scooters

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 168

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