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Barbarilla ( It's never too late)

Member #47341 created: 2007-03-19 22:13:10Simple URL:   

Name: Barbie



Elfpack titles and orders
Crazy kid

I'm 16 Brownish blonish sholder langth hair I'm kinda Shy, but at the same time I can be loud. i like to hang out with my friends and have fun. I like to talk and do stupid stuff! I play Volleyball. I love to act! I also love to listen to music...hmm..yeah

Age: 17Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 10

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Iowa

Exact place of living: Nope

Known languages

countryhip hoppop

Other interests
animalscard gamescats
chasing the preferred sexdancingdogs
partyreligionrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 166

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