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-Black and White Silences- (Love is too deceiving.)

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Name: Sam


tis me.
not much, but i love it.


Wow. A smile?

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Crazy kid


v---Start Here---v

Hey, I'm Sami, or as some people have come to know me, Kaye.
I have a job at the local grocery store. I enjoy sleeping,
talking on the internet, and listening to music,
especially Panic! at the Disco, Hellogoodbye, 30 Seconds to Mars,
Korn, Rob Zombie, and Metallica.
Though I tend to listen to anything I feel like,
which is mostly depressing shit...
I am obsessed with taking pictures of myself,
and have an issue with stalking people around me.
I'm also obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas
and own a million things from the movie.
I like to study other people's lives and learn from their mistakes.
People who think they rule the world annoy me.
If you are like that, don't talk to me.
I go through people like they're nothing
because I am extremely picky about who I date,
and I am currently (but somewhat secretly)
dating a guy who I am not legally allowed to lol.
I am a quarter of the rainbow,
meaning I do not care which sex you are,
and also don't give a flying FUCK
what you think about that.
Okie dokie?

The name is Sam.
I don't care what people think.
I have the mind of an emo.
I dress to my mood.
Depression is my middle name.
My thoughts tend to invade my voice.
In other words?
I speak my mind.
School is interesting.
So is work.
I enjoy them.
Moer than home anyway.
I am in love for the first time.
Dead afraid of it too.
You heard me.
I'm afraid to love.
So what.
I'm afraid of broken hearts.
Big fuckin' DEAL.
He's too old for me.
By law.
I would laugh but...
You might see me smile.
I hate smiling.
Ya heard that one right too.
Smiling hurts my feelings..
I vent my feelings.
A whole hell of a lot.
Get used to it.

Have some POETRY.
I got bored and a few emotions spilled.

A tear.
Streams away.
Like my life,
As it flows so far.
Another falls.
Sliding away.
Each breath carries a piece,
Of soul.
It slips out.
Another particle,
Drifting away.
I do not wish,
To remain here any longer.
The pain,
Starts to settle.
Setting in.
More tears.
Souls fall away.
It is everlasting.
I cannot go on...

My heart is torn.
My love is hurt.
My head fills,
with tears of worry.
I can't go on,
if life is gone.
There's no way.
I can't live without it.
I am too happy with.
I fear the pain,
Loneliness and tears.
I need it.
The time ticks.
Insanity breaches overdrive.
Someone stop me.
I'm so close.
The light so near.
I may fall through,
never to return,
unknowing of any other choice.
My life is so fragile.
Almost like paper,
ready to tear.
A million pieces.

Life is just a moment in time.
You watch it pass, your mind thinks it's divine.
I dare to say the difference.
I love one, the feeling returned.
Yet the troubles arise so easily.
"Too Old!"
One might say.
"Not allowed."
Might another.
"Bad Reputation."
Is yet another cry.
Yet this matters not at all to me.
Age is just a number.
Why should some care?
Is there no love for them?
I let the silent tears flow,
and none have heard them.
It is hard to handle when one cannot,
comprehend the unruly thoughts.
My head is throbbing,
to the point of no return.
When will it end?
I love this time,
as we watch it pass so divinely.
I only wish you knew,
the troubles in which I cry.....

The time clicks slow.
Another second.
Is he still there?
Will he ever be back?
Another moment.
Another tick.
Are they the same?
Will he ever understand?
A slow tick.
Time stops.
No cares.
Possible love.
Tenderness undefined.
Attraction complete.
Time begins again.
Like a file.
A bleep.
Press okay.
Locate the file.
Is the file broken?
Is there a virus?
Just like a lie.
Lie alone.
Such a sad word.
Yet is in our hearts all.....

Things happen,
That we can't control.
We sit by,
watch them happen.
I'm tired of this world,
This inconsistant roar.
Endless drones,
no happy tones.
I want to leave,
to escape my pain.
One thing,
Holds me back.
A small thing,
Keeps me stationed.
Without this one,
I would crumble at last,
no feeling of pain,
or heart being crushed flat.

Left and right,
Up and down,
Back and forth,
A smile or frown.
So many decisions,
the choice never known.
My twists and turns,
the road of life,
my head,
it hurts.
Two loves,
one price.
the love of all.
the other choice.
Is it possible to have both?
joins the mix.
A threesome to remember.
Let the road flow,
like the many rivers we know.
Let the choice come,
let us not be lost.

Sadness beckons at my door.
The footsteps creak on the wooden floor.
I hold my breath, my sight goes dim.
I have no clue, not the slightest whim.
I have so much running through my head.
My head is full of awfulness and dread.
I cannot stop to breathe at all.
For I'm the one who must stand tall.
Not a tear must I shed,
For fear that I may in fact be fed.
I musn't gasp or sigh,
nor shall I sniffle or even cry.
I am the one, who must be strong.
Though this one is lasting so long.
People dying, friends fading away.
How can I survive another day?
I must do it,
for them all.
I cannot trip, nor let my guard fall.
Please tell me, what shall I do,
I am sad, but you musn't woo.
I will go on, as though none have passed.
And the day, must go on at last.

Yep. I wrote those.


The End.

Age: 16Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 16

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Colorado

Exact place of living: a mountain

Known languages

gothgrungeheavy metal
hip hoppoppunk

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexcookingdancing
poetryreligionrole playing
sportingtravellingwatching sport

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: thin

Height: 165

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