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ahh.monkeys (i feel pretty)

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Name: jessica nesham

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Crazy kid


~~~#@***READ THIS***@#~~~

If this doesnt touch you, you have no heart.........
Daniel and Jasmine are sitting alone in the park one night....
Daniel: I guess we are the left overs in this world
Jasmine: I think so... All of my friends have boyfriends and we are only the 2 persons left in this world without any special person in our lives
Daniel: Yup I don't know what to do
Jasmine: I know! We'll play a game
Daniel: What game?
Jasmine: i'll be your
girlfriend for 30 days and you will be my boyfriend
Daniel: That's a great plan in fact i don't have anything to do for the following weeks...
DAY 1:
They watch their first movie and they both touched in a romantic film
DAY 4:
They went to the beach and had a picnic...Daniel and Jasmine had their quality time together
DAY 12:
Daniel invited Jasmine to a circus and they rode on a Horror House....Jasmine was scared and she touched Daniel's hand but she touched someone else's hand and they both laughed...
DAY 15:
They saw a fortune teller down the road and they asked for their future advice and the fortune teller said: "My darlings, Please don't waste the time of your life... spend the rest of your time
together happily" Then tears flow out from the teller's eyes
DAY 20:
Jasmine invited Daniel to go to the hill and they saw a meteor...Jasmine mumbled something
DAY 28:
They sat on the bus and because of a bumby road Jasmine gave her first kiss to Daniel by accident
DAY 29:
Jasmine and Daniel sat in the park where they first decided to play this game...
Daniel: I'm tired Jasmine...Do you want any drinks? I'll buy you one.. I'll just go down the road >Jasmine: Apple Juice that's all
Daniel: Wait for me....
20mins later... a stranger approached Jasmine
Stranger: Are you a friend of Daniel?
Jasmine: Why yes? What happened?
Stranger: A reckless drunken driver ran over Daniel and he is critical in the hospital
The doctor went out of the emergency room and he handed out an apple juice and a letter >Doctor: We found this in daniel's pocket
Jasmine reads the letter and it says:
Jasmine, This past few days, i realized you are a really cute girl and i am really falling for you..Your cherished.... smile you were everything when we played this game..... Before this game would end...I wouldlike you to be my girl friend for the rest of my life.... I
love you Jasmine....
Jasmine crumples the paper and shouted:
"Daniel ! i don't want you to die... I love you...Remember that night when we saw a meteor, I mumbled something... I mumbled that I wish we
would be together forever and never end this game. Please don't leave me Daniel.... I love you! You cannot do this to me!"
Then the clock strikes 12
Daniel's heart stop pumping
THEN IT WAS THE 30TH DAY........ *************************************************
general stuff:
1) Who are you?

2) Are we friends?

3) When and how did we meet?

4) How have I affected you?

5) What do you think of me?

6) What's the fondest memory you have of me?

7) How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?

8) Do you love me?

9) Have I ever hurt you?

10) Would you hug me?

11) Would you kiss me?

12) Would you make love to me?

13) Would you marry me?

14) Emotionally, what stands out?

15) Do you wish I was cooler?

16) On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?

17) Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

18) Am I loveable?

19) How long have you known me?

20) Describe me in one word.

21) What was your first impression?

22) Do you still think that way about me now?

23) What do you think my weakness is?

24) Do you think I'll get married?

25) What about me makes you happy?

26) What about me makes you sad?

27) What reminds you of me?

28) What's something you would change about me?

29) How well do you know me?

30) Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

31) Do you think I would kill someone?

32) Are we close?

33) Are you going to put this on your house and see what I say about you?
danielle]-[Babe.d] shes ma bum chum(im not a lezzo)no offence 2 any out there she makes me laff and is as dirty as fuked up frenchmen.
[...leanne]-[{Miss_Fit}]-leanne is such a goth its unbeliavable shes my bezzie and is a great m8.
[...hannah}we av our differences but shes cool and quite a good rolller sk8ter haha
]-dunno if she likes me hmmmm[...Niamh (neve)] funny and small that bout sums her up
[...brandon]brandon luvs jennny!!
[... Kat...]-shes my little kitty kat!
[amiee]smells like cheese
[...sarah...] nice and kind 2 me
[...adam p...] cool and enjoyes chukin pens at people

Age: 15Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 7

Gender: female

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Known languages


Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: tentacle monster

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