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This member does not wish to cyber for to her, it is a vile and pointless thing to do she has a boyfriend, and will not cyber with any one, except maybe him.

Kourtney Kamikaze (flyin' high, feelin' right.)

Member #37002 created: 2005-12-23 08:06:49Simple URL:   

Name: I don't belong here anymore...

Photo missing.


Alot has changed wit me in tha past year.
I'm jus about a completely different person.
Not who I was, no way.
I try ta say that I'm not any different,
But I'm jus liein ta make reality disappear.

Shit has happened.
Good and bad.
Opportunities gone.
New opportunities have arisen.
I'm waitin for my shot,
Tha one ta break it all.
An once its here,
Believe me, everyone will know.

Cause I'm bustin outta this hell hole,
Fully alive an kickin.
I'm jus figurin out myself,
This world, an my place in it.

Lost love, lost faith.
But I'm gainin it all back in time.
Findin whats right for me.
An in the end,
An I mean nobody,
Is gonna be able ta hold me down.

Age: 17

Gender: female


Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Height: 165

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