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RedPhoenixVII (glub gub. glub glub)

Member #31890 created: 2005-10-26 23:06:59Simple URL:   

Name: Goatt


Adventures in Canada! and newest pictures are at The Little Mermaefs' 21st Birthday.
fun times


[RabidSphinx] made me a Pokémon master!!

too bad my drawings aren't as kool...
But if you wanna see more of mine, check out Goatt'z Krappy Drawings

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Hurrah! [RabidSphinx] loves me!!


i have unleashed my monsterous drawing skills. yeah... i'm good. Maefs; she's so hot, she's on fire!!

If you love men and you know it, take this badge... and klap your hands ^_^
I Love Men

Thin is Beautiful

well i guess you might wanna know something about me. knot sure why you would, but in kase you do, here you go:
i play DDR. knot as much as i used to, but i still love it.
i do karate. i'm testing for my black belt relatively soonish
i love singing, but i'm quite self konscious. i sing in my kar all the time when i'm by myself
i love kats. i'm gonna be an old kat lady someday.
tigers are my favorite animal.
i love the kolor blue
bowling is fun. i don't do that much anymore either.
i used to live in Pittsburgh, but now i live in Buffalo
i love pirates
i had the best kar in the world; Wendell. now i've got the 2nd best; my male escort
i loooove gummies & Mt.Dew

some of my favorite bands are:
3 Doors Down
Stone Temple Pilots

... that's just a litle. i'll make a better list of things & bands when i'm not feeling so lazy

i'd have way more fun in life if i didn't have school and/ or work everyday. i'm really knot made for school, but kollege is one of those things you just knead to do. i tend to be quite energetic, even though i never get enough sleep. i just want to do my own thing (i'm sure everyone does, but i'm like hardkore, i would love to never go to school again, kan't stand going to school), but there aren't many well paying jobs that don't require kollege.

i'm a very mean person. i kan be quite judgemental, and harsh. i really just don't like people. i don't really even like me. but if i do like you i kan be one of the nicest people. i think the hate i have for most people i make up for by being really nice to my friends. i'd do prettymuch anything for my friends.

i'm quite shy. i'm kinda getting over it, but i'm still really quiet around new people and in groups. like at school, i don't say a word in any of my klasses. when i'm w/ my friends i talk more. sometimes i don't shut up. but at school i'm always 'the quiet one'
i also don't like people being near me. and i absolutly FUCKING HATE people touching me. if i kan swing my arms & hit you, you're too klose. it's really knot that hard to understand. like, friends, ko-workers, it's tolerable i guess, but i still don't want them too klose to me.

ok, that's enough about me. if you still want to message me... you're probly either already my friend, or you probly want to tell me i'm a horrable person

Wikis i own or belong to

I Love Men
Thin is Beautiful
Pokemon Lovers United!
Goatt'z Krappy Drawings
Goatt'z Random Stuff
I Hate Homosexuality
Stalkers of RaineDrop
RaineDrop's Posse
Right-Winged Nut Jobs
Hilary Duff fans United
Dance Dance Revolution
Harry Potter Butts
We ♥ Naruto
cow lovers unite
Potatoes Rock <-- i made that one for Mike, hehe
X-Men Fans United

i'm sure there are more i'm forgetting, but i'll fix it some other time.

a kouple fun websites... i'll add more to list someday

i wonder if this'll show up right, or if it'll be all diskombobulated. it should be a goatt that my friend Syed made for me...

.> *\     _~
.`;'\\__-' \_
....| )  _ \ \
.../ / ``   w w
..w w

illustrated by [RabidSphinx], and made on the best komputer ever; Sir Chester II (that would be my komputer)

and just becuase i kan use kolor now, i might as well test it out...


"Yesterday my life was duller

Now everything's



oh fun HTML

Age: 21Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-New York

Exact place of living: Kenmore

Known languages

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 157

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