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~ Michael ~ (:))

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Name: Michael Lyric



my beautiful girlfriend ashlee and myself

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My Names Michael Lyric, I am 21 years old ,5'8(yer im a shorty) 177 lbs

im picky... VERY picky .It is hard to gain my trust, have been hurt in the past as we all have . and i also have a tendency to push people away, usually the ones that care the most .

I am very self aware , & self confident, but we all have our insecurities &/or flaws.

adrenaline junky , love my fast cars > skydiving > sparring > anything that gets my heart goin

oooo i also love piercings and tats .

i have 7 piercings , my tongue twice, my nipples, my lobes, and my industrial .

look like your typical jock / muscle head, dumb ass player I assure you I am not . Sure I love to work out.. and keep my body primed , but that doesnt mean I am not smart . nor does it mean I am out to hurt every girly on the block .

street smart, AND book smart. I love expanding my knowledge . i also tend to be a smart ass, that annoys some ppl .

caring, i will die for anyone in my life .

patient, I was once told, "good things come to those that wait" . im just lyin and waiting .

music is my life, i seriously think i would die without it, I listen to all types, but mostly vocal trance .

I know I am not the smartest or the strongest but I am me, I may not have alot to offer but it is all I have, i may not be the best looking but theres more to life then looks although now-a-days thats all that people judge you by ,I my not be secure about myself but I still keep my head high, I have hurt people but people have hurt me and I am sorry , I have broken hearts and my heart has scars to ,

There comes a time when you realize

who really matters

who never did

who always will

and in the end we learn

who is fake,

who is true

and who would risk it all for you

POST BAR REFLECTIONS: To the guy who pulled that flying jumpkick off the bar at the Black and White Party at Rum last night I'd just like to say good for you, that was unreal.

Whoever that loser is who I saw at Union and tried to act tough tonight, how is your broken nose and jaw feeling now? Calling me homo and flower boy because i had a rose for my ex gf was probably a bad idea on your part. You're lucky i didn't hit you real hard you little bitch. Oh and it was so funny when you started crying after you woke up, that made my night.

This is for the guy who wouldn't leave me alone in front of a certain bar a few weeks ago. Next time somebody tells u to fuck off and then counts down from three it is a bad idea to start up a shadowboxing session. I hope the ambulences got you to the hospital reasonably fast and that you were well taken care of, but I warned u twice and I don't feel bad.

and im officially bored, ill write more later

Some people put up walls, not to keep other people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down. - write that down

What is it that we seek in life? Is it to belong? To have power? To be someone that is respected?....even if it includes any of that, what do we ultimately gain, on a personal level, from those if they are forced?....

I try not to hold grudges against pessimistic as I may be towards the general public, I believe that there is good in people...and that's something worth fighting for. People differ in their views and beliefs, and many people dislike me for whatever reason. But that's okay. Not that I don't care, but I'm not out to impress anyone. I'm just doing what I can, and that's all that matters.

...Its never over...

Redemption is remembrance.

Theres only 1 kind of wisdom, and thats hind-sight , everything happens in bits ,And you dont wake up until afterwards.-Until its too late. In that final moment you wait for something, anything to take you away. And what returns , what finally comes home to you - is your own Fucking self. Nothing can save you from that .

you cant change the color of ur skin, u cant change the color of ur heart,you can change the colors you wear, but deep down inside you will always be the same salvationless mother fucker you always were.....

Age: 21

Gender: male

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: Canada - Alberta

Exact place of living: Jasper

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No


Other interests
carpentrycarscrime stories
smokingsnow scootersshopping
sportingtravellingwatching sport

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 173

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