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PossibleTherian (Seeking Lycanthropy)

Member #24017 created: 2005-07-20 01:42:41Simple URL:   

Name: Not gonna tell.

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I'm obssesed with werewolves and want to become one.




To see the current moon phase, go here:



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Rumored ways to become a Werewolf

1. Get bitten by a werewolf.
2. Drink water from a wolf's paw-print.
3. Drinking from a stream where three or more wolves have drunk from recently.
4. Wear a wolf-skin, a belt made of wolf-leather, or a cursed ring during full moon.
5. Commit a sacrilege.
6. Hereditary.
7. Curse.
8. Drinking from a cursed stream.
9. Affixing a lycanthropus flower to your clothes.
10. Being born on a New Moon.
11. Being born on Christmas day.
12. Being born on Friday the 13th.
13. Being born under a wolf's pressence.
14. Being born within a mile radius of a wolf giving birth.
15. Wear the enchanted skin of a dead wolf or werewolf.
16. Eat dust from a wolf's footprint.
17. Drink water from certain springs, especially in the Harz Mountains in Germany.
18. Possess and wear an enchanted moonstone
19. Eat a wolf's brain.
20. Sleep outside on a Friday night where the light of a full moon can shine on your face while you sleep.
21. The 7th of 7 consecutive daughters was supposed to carry the werewolf strain
22. Participate in the rituals of a secret society, such as one among the Nootka Sound natives.
23. In a ritual, gain the wolf as your totem animal or guardian and the ability to assume its form.
24. Drink down stream from a wolf.
25. Use certain incantations or spells on yourself.



“Ask 10 therianthropes what it is to be a therianthrope, and you’ll get 11 different answers.”

If you know anyhting about werewolves, could you please let me know? I can't find any new info on the internet and I'm sure there's still a lot I don't know.


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