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~*~chemical Jodie~*~ (s0_!n/l0ve__!T\\HuRt$_ _&)

Member #23265 created: 2005-07-12 14:04:58Simple URL:   

Name: Jodie


argh! me when i had pink hair!


cremosa chuppa chup... its sugar free

Elfpack titles and orders
Drunk-assSex-monsterCrazy kid


I love Jordan Pundick, he's sexy!!!
Forgive our neighbour bob, i think he humped the dog
This go out to them guys... you know who you are.....
I hope the next girl that you kiss has something terribly contageous on her lips!
<img:> damn straight!
Look into my eyes and you will see, what you mean to me, search your heart, search your soul and when you find me there you'll search no more (everything i do - new found glory. one of the best covers ever!!)

Dip me in chocolate and feed me to the lesbians!!

Brody Dalle is sexy

Listen to New Found Glory and Mest, they will rock your socks off!!!!!

Droplets of yes and no in an ocean of maybe

Pain doesn't hurt when its all you've ever felt.

how unbelievably sexy is that!!!

Brody Dalle - the distillers - she effing rocks! Shes hot!

Star Sign : virgo
Sexuality : open minded :P
Profession :pornstar - wootz to kinky ppl!
Marital Status : single and sexy!
Perfect Partner : emo boys!!! katie!
Interests : emo ...barbies...katie
Makes Me Happy : ...spongebob...emo!
Makes Me Sad : chavs!
Cigarettes : occasionaly
Alcohol : I drink occasionally
Drugs : I am a recreational drug user
Bad Habits : i bite...grrr-kinky! i am dumb...*thinks 4 while*

In My Own Words... 

greenday rule!***bilnk182***foo fighters***american hi-fi***simple plan***jimmyeatworld***the used***taking back sunday***good charlotte***sum41***new found glory***less than jake***fall out boy***the ataris***bowling for soup***goldfinger***my chemical romance***lostprophets***mest***avril lavigne***courtney love***the matches***RHCP***guns n roses***razorlight***the killers***sum41***papa roach***fightstar***alkaline trio***finch***reel big fish***funeral for a friend***Hawthorn Heights*** alexisonfire***can think of any more right now....god i suck *thinks for a while* grrr i h8 hillary Duff....hillary duff haters... nobody likes a punk goth wannabe disney channel loser now do we....we really....we dont! die hillary die! can I hate hilary duff any more! NO ITS IMPOSSIBLE! arghhhhhhhhhh!!

Vital Statistics... 

Race : White
Hair : like a red colour
Eyes : bright blue!
Height : who knows?!
Size : 8
Body Type : Slim, Toned

My Favourite... 

Food : splossages!
Music : punk***emo***rock
TV Show : kerrang/scuzz/tim shaws assylum
Author : i cant read!
Movie : school of rock,napoleon dynamite,spongebob the movie
Night Club / Bar : eddies 8
Animal : puddy cat/snakes turn me on!
Person : Andrea
Website :
Place :birmingham - oasis, forum, st chads, the gardens, eddies, gigs....
Possession / Thing : sex toys...

The Meaning Of Life... 

*i wanted to kill the sexiest person alive...but then a realised suicide was a crime!
*get paid and get laid...lifes a bitch and then u die so fuck u all and lets get high! *sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me!
*"School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect, and nobodies perfect, so why practice?" - billie joe armstrong

i love tony lovato!
listen to mest, the rawk!

sountpark kicks epic ass!
Is It Because I Know The Muffin Man?

yes i am a what????
ha hes so fat its funny!
look at him jiggle

happy happy, joy joy, your my kinky sex toy, bite me tease me make me bleed, kinky sex is all i need!
wootz to kinky poeple!
my chemical romance rule!
sexiest guys ever! katie think so enywayz!

best band ever! even though they slpit up:-(
rip blink, i miss you

<img:> MEST!

<img:> sexy david!
yes i kno ur all jelous that me and katie went to see greenday on june 19th at milton keynes, it was awesome, jimmyeatworld and taking back sunday were there too! they rock!

so what if i had a guy and i blew it, regret nothin, move on i say fuck it

Theres a little girl at the end of your street drenched in pain from her head to her feet.

I LOVE UUUU BLINK....... RiP xxxxxx much love xxx

~*~promise me we're not gonna kill my enemies~*~

I love wooo anrea [~*~FiRe BuRn*S~*~]

I love Tom Delonge xXx []

I love woooo miss katie pants! [.Miss Self Destructive_//] you rockie my sockies. Ha just a few minutes ago i was outside with katie and Mark and Tom were puking in a bottle and making everyone heave. And Rich was bein nicer which makes him not much of a memo boy(mean emo boy)
Me and Katie used to sit in the caf eatin our pies.. Hehehe once when i stopped at miss katie pants house when her mom was out, we got drunkdid and we were sittin outside all night puking and we started to chuck our ciggarette ends over the fence and the next day the people complained about the 44 ciggarette ends on their new patio. lmao! Oh my golly gosh she rocks more than you do. hm miss katie pants, remember always use protection (lol)

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!111 im a scene kid!
(according to miss katie pants)

Age: 15Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 18

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: Birmingham


Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

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