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Pure Hardcore Raver (Love is the Air)

Member #21977 created: 2005-06-26 12:03:03Simple URL:   

Name: ][.x.][][ErinJasmine][][.x.][


[.x. Mwah n Mwah Sxc Ho lol]


[.x. Mwah .x.]

Elfpack titles and orders
Drunk-assCrazy kid

[][ight m8t im][][ErinJasmine][][most ppl call me ]ez[ or ezzup or eza!! one of those will do lol!!][]

[<3Love Makes Life Beautiful<3][]All my mates r fukin mint[][<3Love Makes Life Beautiful<3]
[*ღ*] вєкαн : [x..Bekah..x] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] вєℓℓα : [*x+--Little Miss Belle--+x*] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] вєтн : [x-(вєтн)-x] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] вσσтну : [+boothy+] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] ¢αи∂у : [-x-Candy-x-] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] ¢αяℓα : [x carla x] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] єммα : [!embop!] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] gєσяgιє : [!unused!] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] нαуℓєу : [xxHayleyxx] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] נєи : [jennifer_*] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] נσє : [$joe$] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] кєℓℓу : [xXx Kez xXx] [*ღ*]
[]кєν : [D0NKEY][*ღ*]
[*ღ*] куℓє : [KayGee] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] ℓαυяα : [xXx Loz Luvz U xXx] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] ℓαωz : [xo-Lawz] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] мα¢єу : [$Macey$] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] яєвє¢¢α-мαу : [εїз..» Bαвιι Bєкι Eяє 2к6 ™«..εїз] [*ღ*]
[*ღ*] ѕαѕѕ : [Xx sαяαн-ιоυιѕε мαч..x][ *ღ*]
[*ღ* ]тιмму : [(Timmy)] [*ღ*]
[*ღ* ]αму : [xTazix] [*ღ* ]
[*ღ* ]нαяяι : [BABEZ.][*ღ* ]
[*ღ* ] нαуℓєу :[xxHayleyxx] [*ღ* ]


[<3Love Makes Life Beautiful<3]Ma Budz[<3Love Makes Life Beautiful<3]

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: Hatherley

Known languages

hip hopraptechno

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

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